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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 137

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Last time at the dress shop, Yue Ling caused a huge uproar, but still failed to get the dress she wanted, and instead got herself blacklisted from the store.


When Yue Ling saw that dress on her, she was angry, jealous and wanted revenge. But Ye Zhi didn’t care about Yue Ling’s overtly targeting her.


Ye Zhi suddenly thought of something and her gaze fell on Gu Ren, but her eyes only stayed there for a moment before looking away.


Ye Zhi vaguely guessed Yue Ling’s other intentions and she frowned slightly, feeling a little irritated for no reason.


Yue Ling smiled slightly when she heard the director’s words. She pretended to think hard about her decision for a while as looked at the guests.


Finally after a while, Yue Ling said the name that she had already decided in her heart from the start.


“Gu Ren.”


Yue Ling smiled at Gu Ren: “We are from the same company, so I hope that you can give me some advice.”


In the face of Yue Ling’s deliberate approach, Gu Ren did not smile at all as she imagined he would. Gu Ren just nodded slightly.


Gu Ren did not show any partiality to Yue Ling, when she mentioned their company.


Even after he was selected as a member, Gu Ren didn’t walk over to Yue Ling’s side. He still stood where he was, as if he was going to wait until everyone was selected before going there.


However, Gu Ren’s temperament had always been this way. He was cold and indifferent, making it difficult to see his emotions. So when he did this, everyone found it reasonable.


The smile on Yue Ling’s face stiffened for a moment, but it soon returned to normal. She also knew Gu Ren’s character. Gu Ren was not the kind of person who would take the initiative to express goodwill.


It was Ye Zhi’s turn to select her teammate. Ye Zhi glanced briefly at everyone, before she looked at Xiong Ting and smiled.


“Brother Xiong, you have to be with me.”


Xiong Ting also didn’t want to team up with Yue Ling. He saw the scene of Yue Ling deliberately hitting Ye Zhi just now. He had experienced a lot more than Yue Ling, and he could see through Yue Ling’s careful acting with a glance.


Xiong Ting had always been a straightforward person and disdained dealing  with people who were scheming.


Xiong Ting smiled and walked toward Ye Zhi’s direction: “Of course, I am fine with it.”


Yue Ling saw that Ye Zhi had chosen Xiong Ting and immediately said, “I choose Shan Qian as the next member of my team.”


As soon as Yue Ling spoke, everyone realized a problem. If Gu Ren, Xiong Ting, and Shan Qian had been picked, then it meant that there was only one person left.


Sheng Man had become the team member that nobody wanted.


However, everyone subconsciously felt that it wasn’t that surprising. Combined with Sheng Man’s previous performance, if it were up to them, they would have also avoided Sheng Man and picked the others first.


Sheng Man almost couldn’t maintain her calm expression. How could she when she received such treatment? Why did no one choose her?


Sheng Man almost lost her temper and left the show. But luckily the director noticed that the atmosphere was not right, so he hurriedly came over to mediate the situation.


“Sheng Man automatically belongs to Ye Zhi’s group.”


Ye Zhi didn’t expect this result either. She expected that Yue Ling would choose Sheng Man. Ye Zhi watched Sheng Man walk to her side reluctantly.


Ye Zhi looked at Sheng Man’s shriveled expression and almost couldn’t help but laugh. However, she kept in mind that she was live on the show right now. She saw that Gu Ren looked calmly in the face of everything, and unexpectedly smiled.


Ever before Ye Zhi and Yue Ling began to select their group members, netizens had been speculating whether Ye Zhi and Sheng Man would end up in the same group, and now it had actually happened.


“Sheng Man’s reluctant expression is too obvious. I can feel her anger through the screen.”

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