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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 138

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“Although Ye Zhi and Sheng Man are now on the same team, why do I feel that they are separated by the milky way. Hahaha….”


“The show is getting interesting. I could watch one hundred episodes just for these kinds of scenes.”


Director said, “The ingredients have been hidden by the crew, and the guests have two hours to find them all.”


When Ye Zhi picked a direction to start hunting, Yue Ling chose to go the completely opposite direction and the two groups began to perform the task.


Ye Zhi and Xiong Ting tried coming up with a plan for a while. They came to the decision to start to look along the stream. While Sheng Man stood beside them without saying a word as if she had no intention of participating at all.


After Ye Zhi and the others headed off, Sheng Man would slowly follow behind them.


Yue Ling decided to go in the direction of the woods. When she saw that Ye Zhi had already left her sight, the smile on her face widened a bit.


While walking to the woods, Yue Ling tried talking to Gu Ren: “Senior, although we are from the same company, we haven’t had much time to talk more than a few words with each other till now.”


Yue Ling tilted her head slightly and looked at Gu Ren with a gentle smile.


However, Gu Ren was looking around completely concentrated and he didn’t even look at Yue Ling, when she was talking. He said in a slightly cold tone.


“I’m very busy.”


After saying that, Gu Ren said nothing else to her.


Gu Ren answered very briefly. No one knew whether he was answering her previous question or told Yue Ling that he was too busy to talk to her now.


Yue Ling wanted to say something, but Shan Qian suddenly said: “There seems to be nothing to eat here. We’d better split up to look for ingredients, or we won’t be able to have any dinner.”


Just as Yue Ling wanted to refuse, Gu Ren immediately agreed: “That’s a good idea, it’s more efficient.”


As soon as the words fell, Gu Re and Shan Qian spontaneously split into two directions without paying any attention to Yue Ling. They continued to look for ingredients.


There was nothing wrong with Gu Ren and Shan Qian’s suggestion. It was time to do the task. Finding the ingredients was the first goal.


Yue Ling wanted to take the opportunity to get close to Gu Ren, but the plan she hatched failed even before it started.


At the other end, Ye Zhi and her team were walking toward the stream. Ye Zhi and her team had guessed right. In the middle of the stream, there seemed to be some ingredients sitting on a boulder.


Ye Zhi entered the water first, followed by Xiong Ting and Sheng Man. Xiong Ting went in another direction to see if there were other ingredients hidden around.


However, just as Sheng Man was about to put her feet in, her eyes fell on the famous branded shoes on her feet. She immediately began to hesitate.


The water in the stream in autumn was brutally cold. However, Ye Zhi just frowned and then continued to walk forward.


When Ye Zhi was very close to reaching the ingredients, she suddenly slipped when she stepped on a particularly smooth stone. She fell down on her butt all of a sudden.


At this moment, half of Ye Zhi’s body was completely wet. Just as Ye Zhi wanted to stand up, a hand extended in front of her, the next second.


The fingers were slender and fair. The lines on the open palm were very clear.


She saw that Gu Ren stood there with the light against him, standing in a position where the light and shadow intersected. The clear sunlight fell on his shoulder but his face was mostly covered by the shadow.


Ye Zhi stretched out her hand subconsciously. When she put her hand on Gu Ren’s palm, she realized that her hand had been soaked.


At that moment Ye Zhi wanted to withdraw her hand, but Gu Ren held her hand without hesitation and pulled her out of the water.

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