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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 139

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At the moment Ye Zhi stood up with the help of Gu Ren, and tacitly separated afterwards and they each took a step back.


Ye Zhi suddenly heard the sound of water splashing behind her. She immediately turned her head to look and found that Sheng Man had somehow also fallen into the water like her.


Xiong Ting quickly stretched out his hand  to Sheng Man: “Here, I will help you up.”


Sheng Man reluctantly grabbed Xiong Ting’s hand and let him pull her up.


Seeing such a scene, netizens immediately got excited.


“Ahhhh, my idol actually held Ye Zhi’s hand!”


“Why do I feel that Sheng Man did it on purpose? Did she want to wait for Gu Ren to pull her up as well? However, she didn’t expect Brother Xiong to come to the rescue.”


“Ye Zhi also did it on purpose, right? She wanted Gu Ren to pull her up.”


“Ye Zhi shouldn’t have eyes in the back of her head. Gu Ren came from behind and he was also a guest. So it’s normal for him to help her out and after Ye Zhi got up, she backed straight away.”


Ye Zhi didn’t expect Gu Ren to be so courageous. However, if she fell right in front of Gu Ren and Gu Ren did nothing, it would have made a lot of people more suspicious.


Ye Zhi’s and Gu Ren’s eyes met for a moment, before they immediately looked away.


The moment their eyes met, Gu Ren understood Ye Zhi’s meaning. She only said one sentence in her eyes.


Gu Ren, you should behave like a stranger in front of everyone!


Netizens were naturally paying attention to every action of Ye Zhi and Gu Ren.


“Isn’t it strange? Unexpectedly, Ye Zh didn’t try anything funny. If it were in the past, would Ye Zhi let go of such a good opportunity for hype?”


“Hey, your thoughts are too one-sided. Have you ignored Ye Zhi’s performance in recent months? She has been trying to improve herself.”


“I really liked this kind of Ye Zhi just a little bit. If one doesn’t try to hype, you can see a person’s true essence in this reality show.”


After finding all of the ingredients, the two groups went to the village with their findings.


When they came back to the house, everyone was already very tired. They fell into the chairs and cushions in the hall just to rest a little while.


There was still some time before dinner so the guests decided to rest before going to cook dinner.


Just as everyone was resting and chatting briefly with each from time to time, one person became restless. Not long after Yue Ling entered the house and relaxed, did she get up from her chair.


Yue Ling began to stroll around the house, muttering in a low voice: “I really want to drink some yogurt.”


She looked around the house from the corner of the living room and then went to the kitchen to look in the refrigerator. The furnishings in the house were simple, which she noticed with just a glance. But it was impossible for the show crew to prepare the yogurt that she had been looking for.


Yue Ling returned to the living room and asked the several other guests sitting there: “Is there really no yogurt here? What should I do?”

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