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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money to Prevent Disasters Chapter 14

T/N: Fleeting Cloud E/D: Lie & Nyx
When Ye Zhi came to the studio, she saw Sheng Man’s car parked outside. She understood that Sheng Man was also here. In this TV series, Gu Ren was the protagonist and Sheng Man was his leading lady.


In this major male lead play, even if Sheng Man was the leading lady it was only considered as a supporting role.


Sheng Man’s family was a business tycoon. She always got the leading role ever since she debuted in the entertainment industry. After that, everything went smoothly in her career and she only accepted big productions.


Moreover, knowing Sheng Man’s character, how could she be willing to act in a TV series? But for Gu Ren, Sheng Man dropped the movie that was offered to her and agreed to act in this TV series.


There was only one reason, Sheng Man secretly loved Gu Ren.


She once showed a faint affection for Gu Ren but he ignored her. Sheng Man was very upset but she really liked Gu Ren very much. 


So this time, Sheng Man would rather drop the movie and act in TV series just to be closer to Gu Ren.


Ye Zhi no longer thought about it anymore and she walked toward the set. Today, she was going to perform a dance scene. She was about to go to the changing room when the assistant director suddenly called her.


The assistant director instructed, “Ye Zhi, don’t wear light blue clothes, change it into bright red. Also, you should wear a veil when you dance.”


Ye Zhi recalled that according to the development of the story in the book, she would wear a light blue costume for the dance  and the assistant director did not require her to wear a veil.


This was not part of the script. It was intentional.


Ye Zhi noticed that after the assistant director had finished saying this, he secretly glanced at Sheng Man and Sheng Man looked unfeeling towards her gaze.


There was no expression on Ye Zhi’s face as she turned around to the changing room.


When Ye Zhi was changing into her costume, she remembered. In the following story, Sheng Man and the assistant director had a private discussion and edited all her dancing scenes that could identify her.


When the dance scene was finally shown on the screen, the audience would think that the one who danced under the veil was Sheng Man.


And the person in question, Sheng Man, was indifferent as if all that happened had nothing to do with her.


Ye Zhi sneered. The author originally wrote that Sheng Man would make the dance scene of ‘Ye Zhi’ her own, leaving ‘Ye Zhi’ no chance to counterattack.


The ‘Ye Zhi’ now was no longer the same who was just a substitute for Sheng Man and would always remain in her shadow. Ceasing her thoughts, Ye Zhi blinked her eyes. How could she let Sheng Man be happy?


Soon, Ye Zhi had changed clothes and came out of the dressing room. Everyone looked at her and took a deep breath.


The skin of Ye Zhi was white and the bright red clothes made Ye Zhi’s skin look like snow. Her facial features were exquisite that no one could pick out any flaws.


Ye Zhi extended her hand and took the veil that the staff handed her and covered her face with it.


The beautiful appearance of Ye Zhi was concealed by the purple veil. The more hidden it was, the more one wanted to see what kind of appearance was covered under the purple veil.


After looking at her outstanding temperament and excellent appearance, they could not take their eyes away from her.


While everyone was amazed, they also found it a little strange. They all knew that Ye Zhi was beautiful but she used to be vulgar and often wore makeup that was not suitable for her.


No matter how good your facial features were, you wouldn’t be famous without an outstanding temperament.


Their impression of Ye Zhi before was that Ye Zhi was just a beauty and no brain.


But today, it seemed that Ye Zhi had an extraordinary temperament. Now, she was too beautiful and delicate.


Sheng man didn’t leave until Ye Zhi came out. As soon as Ye Zhi came out, she kept her eyes fixed on Ye Zhi and her hands were unconsciously clenched.


Ye Zhi was so beautiful. How could she not realize it before? The substitute who had been nothing in her eyes had such a good temperament.
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