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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 140

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Everyone stopped what they were doing and raised their heads to look at Yue Ling. They looked as if they were staring at a mentally handicapped person. Her voice was soft, but her body gave off a “I am the queen” aura to it.


Shan Qian kindly reminded her: “The crew wants us to endure hardship. There is no yogurt here.”


Yue Ling: “But I must drink yogurt every day.”


If it weren’t for the cameras, Sheng Man would have already rolled her eyes numerous times.


Yue Ling seemed to be thinking that she was here to live leisurely. However, everyone somehow felt that she seemed to be up to something.


Sure enough, Yue Ling turned her head and looked at Gu Ren.


“Senior Gu, can you accompany me to buy some yogurt?”


Gu Ren was a member of Yue Ling’s team. There seemed to be no problem for her to make such a request.


Ye Zhi couldn’t stand her coy tone. If she hadn’t seen Yue Ling’s true colors, she really would have thought that she was really delicate.


But she had seen her bossing around people in the stores of Paris. At that time, she was completely arrogant and this delicate side was nowhere to be seen.


Gu Ren hadn’t replied yet, but the bullet section was already exploding with unbelievable amounts of comments.


“S̲h̲i̲t̲, I want to use all insults commonly used nationwide! Is Yue Ling’s brain flooded? Why should Gu Ren go with her?”


“Will you die if you don’t drink yogurt? Will you die if you don’t ask Gu Ren to go with you? Oh no, she will die if she doesn’t try to use Gu Ren to hype!”


“Why didn’t Yue Ling do this before? She must have seen that Gu Ren has a good temper so she decided to try her luck.”


Yue Ling knew that there would be a lot of people scolding her online.


However, what she lacked right now was exposure. Even if she was scolded, it was better than being ignored.


In the past few years since Yue Ling signed with the company, only her first two works were very famous but that was it. There were no good results after that. Although she was already a second-tier star, the resources that were given to her decreased slowly but continuously with time.


Not to mention that she had just been blacklisted by a top designer brand. On top of that some people from the fashion industry had heard about this incident and now her future fashion resources were also uncertain.


If Yue Ling didn’t try to find a way to give herself the exposure she needed before the contract expired, she would have no hope at all in getting a new one.


At that time, Sheng Man suddenly stood up and said: “If you want to drink yogurt, then I will go with you.”


Sheng Man’s words indirectly indicated that if Gu Ren accompanied Yue Ling then she would also follow them. Gu Ren could not refuse her in that case.


She didn’t want Yue Ling to go out alone with Gu Ren to increase her popularity, so she added herself.


Yue Ling’s plan failed once again but she still looked at Sheng Man with a smile: “Sure, come with us.”


Gu Ren was a little unhappy. He lowered his eyes slightly and hid his emotion immediately: “Let’s go then.”


After Gu Ren and the others left, Ye Zhi decided to rest while paying attention to the movement outside. However, Gu Ren and the others did not return even after a long time.


Ye Zhi walked to the door and glanced outside casually. After that, she turned and walked towards the kitchen. Just as she took a few steps forward, she stopped abruptly.

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