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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 142

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Gu Ren’s lips twitched slightly. If he didn’t move, others would be suspicious.


Gu Ren tried his best to calm himself down. He had looked around before it became dark so he remembered that there seemed to be a stone bench at forty-five degrees in front of him.


He just had to go in that direction.


Gu Ren lifted his foot, stepped on the ground very slowly, and then tentatively took a few steps forward. The road was a bit uneven and he could detect the rough stones underneath his feet.


This feeling was a bit uncomfortable, but Gu Ren actually felt a little at ease as it allowed him to feel something else other than darkness.


After taking a few steps, Fu Ren’s shoe suddenly bumped into something hard. Gu Ren felt relieved as he knew that it was the stone bench.


He took a few steps to the side and tried to sit on the stone bench.


Gu Ren slowly stretched out his hand, trying to touch the table that he could not see.


Although it seemed only slightly dark in the eyes of the others, to him, it felt like he was standing in the pitch black void of darkness.


Gu Ren was randomly feeling up the bench, to figure out how to sit down. He was moving extremely and sometimes he would clumsily bash his hands against the bench. . He was at a complete loss.


He acted almost like a blind man.


Except for a few close people, no one knew that Gu Ren had night blindness. This was the first time that he almost exposed his night blindness in front of the public.


Fortunately, Gu Ren ran into the stone bench. When he finally sat on the stone bench, the palms of his hands were already completely covered in sweat.


Luckily it got really dark and girls were in an irritated mood so no one paid too much attention to it.


They sat there in silence for a long time. Sheng Man and Yue Ling were not in the mood to talk. After a while, a loud voice suddenly came from a distance: “Are you guys there?”


Just as the voice became clear for them, an extremely bright light appeared before them. It was the only light source in the dark night.


When Gu Ren heard the voice, he turned his head and looked straight in the direction of voice.


Gu Ren knew that she was here.


The light was too dim and Gu Ren still couldn’t see clearly, but he heard the footsteps approaching. He heard the rustling of leaves as Ye Zhi’s feet stepped on the ground.


The light was getting brighter and brighter as Ye Zhi approached them. Gu Ren raised his head and finally saw Ye Zhi’s face clearly.


Ye Zhi stood there. Her body was slender and her eyes were darker than night. She looked very beautiful under the torchlight.


Ye Zhi was extremely worried. She almost blurted out Gu Ren’s name, but her reasons forced her to suppress those words.


Ye Zhi suppressed the worries in her heart and ‘casually’ glanced at Gu Ren. Gu Ren looked like nothing unusual happened, it seemed that no one else had noticed his night blindness.


Ye Zhi took a few steps forward and deliberately shone the flashlight in Gu Ren’s direction. The light surrounded Gu Ren, making his vision clearer.


Ye Zhi asked, “Are you all fine?”


What Ye Zhi really wanted to ask was, ‘Gu Ren, are you okay?’ However, she knew that Gu Ren would understand what she meant.


Hearing these words, Gu Ren’s eyes darkened again.


Although Yue Ling was a little grateful that Ye Zhi had brought a flashlight over, she still said angrily, “What are you doing here?”


Ye Zhi made up a reason, “It’s getting dark and I was feeling worried that my  team member would get lost.”


Ye Zhi naturally looked at Sheng Man. Sheng Man felt a little strange, but Ye Zhi’s eyes seemed to be saying: Yes, I’m here to find you, my team member.

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