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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 143

Edited By Adrian

When the audience saw Ye Zhi approaching Gu Ren and the girls, hundreds of bullet comments appeared on the screen instantly.


“Ye Zhi is a little angel. Even when it’s so dark outside, she still came out to find her teammate. Normal people won’t do such a thing.”


“What’s going with Ye Zhi and Sheng Man? When did they suddenly become friends who take care of each other, I thought they were enemies. There is definitely some hidden story behind it.”


“I also think the same. There is definitely something going on here!”


“Let’s go back now.” Ye Zhi wanted to pass the flashlight directly to Gu Ren, but she couldn’t do that because of the live broadcast.


At that moment, Gu Ren suddenly started speaking. In the darkness, his voice was extremely quiet: “I’ll take the lead, hand me the flashlight.”


Ye Zhi’s heart relaxed. She handed the flashlight to Gu Ren: “I’m sorry to trouble you.”


Gu Ren took hold of the flashlight. The bright light passed from Ye Zhi’s hand to Gu Ren’s hand clearly, and the light spread across the ground.


Gu Ren knew that darkness would surely leave him, when Ye Zhi appeared. This bright and strange person was destined to stay in his life.


Ye Zhi looked in Gu Ren’s eyes, they were very deep, so much that she couldn’t see the bottom. What Ye Zhi didn’t know was whether he saw just her hand or her entirely in the light.


After they returned back to the house, everyone started helping to cook dinner and the atmosphere in the house was surprisingly harmonious.


The next morning was no different from usual. The dingy gray sky gradually lit up the area, as the chirping sounds of birds in the forest filled the house.


This episode of “The Leisure Life of a Star” had also come to an end.


Ye Zhi woke up early. When she went downstairs, the other guests were still asleep. She knew that Gu Ren was going to catch a morning flight so she decided to make him some porridge before he left.


A clear voice came from behind her: “What are you going to cook?”


“Porridge.” Ye Zhi recognized Gu Ren’s voice. She stopped her movements and turned to look at him.


“I have to board a plane at 7 o’clock.” Gu Ren said with a lowered voice.. “Is the porridge for me?”


They glanced at each other subconsciously. The two of them had just got up and neither of them had put on microphones. This conversation would not be known to others.


Ye Zhi was very cautious. She didn’t say anything and served Gu Ren a bowl of porridge, which was regarded as her answer.


There were no crew members in the kitchen, but there were still cameras installed in all directions and everything would still be posted online.


Although the live broadcast continued, it was too early and a very few netizens were using the internet, much less watching the guests sleep. The harmonious and warm scene between Gu Ren and Ye Zhi was ignored by everyone.


After finishing the film of the episode, Ye Zhi took a bath when she returned home. Afterwards, she sat comfortably on the sofa, turned on the TV, and began to watch it for a bit.


A piece of news was being broadcast on TV about green lychees that were being auctioned.


“The production of green lychees this year has not been very high so the auction has ended earlier than expected. Compared to the last few years, the price of a single piece has greatly increased, breaking the Guinness World Record.”


Ye Zhi felt like a new idea was formulating in her mind. This was the first time she had heard of a lychee auction.


At the same time, Ye Zhi’s mobile phone vibrated. She looked down and saw that she received push notification about Sheng Man. It seems that Sheng Man made a new post on Weibo, that only contained a picture.

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