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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 145

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Ye Zhi thought hard for a moment, before an idea crossed her mind: “Wait here for a bit, I will go buy some regular lychees so we can eat together.”


It would just be that she would eat king of lychees while Gu Ren would eat regular ones.


Ye Zhi gave Gu Ren a sympathetic look. Gu Ren understood the meaning of Ye Zhi’s stare, as a rare warm light filled his dark eyes: “Okay.”


Ye Zhi left the house wearing a mask and hat to hide her appearance. She quickly went to the nearest supermarket to buy some lychees and came back with a whole bag full of lychees. When she returned home, they sat together at the dining table.


The night soon descended, but the atmosphere in the house was pleasant. As the moonlight shone brightly covering the silent house.


The next day, Gu Ren went to shoot an Armani’s commercial. The  commercial was going to be carried out underwater. So Gu Ren needed to get into the water to complete the shooting.


Before filming, Gu Ren talked with the director. He carefully tried to understand the main highlights of the shot, as seriously pondered how to give his best.


The lighting and the props were ready and Gu Ren was about to start shooting. He stood by the pool edge and glanced at the director. Not long after did the director finally make an ‘action’ gesture.


Gu Ren bent down and jumped into the water, causing his whole body to be immersed in the water. 


Gu Ren took the shooting seriously and did everything according to the director’s request. The camera followed him underwater. After a while, Gu Ren left the pool and walked over to the crew.


The water slowly dripped off him, leaving crystal drops of water on the ground.


Cheng Qi immediately came over and handed a towel to Gu Ren. He took it and wiped his body before putting on new clothes.


Gu Ren went over to the director and continued to discuss the scene with him.


Gu Ren felt that his performance just now wasn’t that good. In the end, he decided to do the shot again. He dove back into the swimming pool.


He repeated the shot several more times to the point that the coldness of the water penetrated deep into his heart, as the fresh autumn wind swept over him.


The director felt that Gu Ren had done a good job, but Gu Ren was still a little dissatisfied with his performance, like something was missing.


Gu Ren had developed a principle for his life. The more he didn’t want to do something, the harder he would work to accomplish it. All these failures only made Gu Ren more interested in challenging the shot.


If he didn’t meet the standard he was satisfied with, he would repeat whatever was doing over and over again until he felt that he had reached the standard that he had set from himself.


Gu Ren jumped into the pool so many times, that his body was trembling slightly. However, he didn’t let that stop him, so he closed his eyes for a moment to calm himself down. Once his body stopped trembling, he opened his eyes and looked at the director.


Gu Ren said, with a faint yet mellow and clear voice: “Let’s do the shot again.”


Gu Ren entered the water again, completely submerging his body again.


He endlessly repeated the shot, jumping into the ice-cold water again and again. No matter how resilient Gu Ren was, he would surely be affected by the cold water and feel numb all over.


However, Gu Ren did not stop. Finally after countless retakes, Gu Ren succeeded in reaching his standard.


The rest of the commercial shooting was not underwater, but it required Gu Ren’s hair and clothes to be wet. Meaning that Gu Ren had to be wet again.


However, shortly after Gu Ren’s clothes were dried, the director asked Gu Ren to rest for a while and the filming would continue again later. Gu Ren only sat down for a while, before getting up, ready to continue shooting.


Cheng Qi said worriedly: “Gu Ren, please rest a little bit longer. Otherwise, your body will not be able to handle it.”


Gu Ren said in a low voice: “It’s OK. I can continue shooting now.”

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