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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 146

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Gu Ren picked up a bottle of mineral water that was sitting on a table and unscrewed the cap. He closed his eyes, before pouring water all over his head.


The water was extremely cold having sat out in the open for a long time. It flowed down past his deep stunning eyes, straight bridge of his nose, and across cold shivering lips… causing a chill to pass through his whole body.


When everyone of the crew saw what Gu Ren had done, they looked at him silently in shock. While at the same time, sunlight shone directly on his figure, causing his body to give off an unusual bewitching aura.


Gu Ren’s clothes were completely soaked, as well as his black hair. His complexion had completely become pale and white from the cold, as if he had lost litres of his blood.


However, there was no change of the expression on Gu Ren’s face. He looked at the director and asked calmly, “Can we continue now?”


The director was stunned for a few seconds and immediately asked the staff to prepare for the next shot. As they had finished with the underwater shots, the rest of the advertising shooting went very smoothly.


Cheng Qi had been watching Gu Ren, the whole time he was shooting. He sighed to himself, as he knew that Gu Ren was very strict with himself and wanted to be perfect in everything he did.


Cheng Qi knew that even if he tried to persuade Gu Ren to take a break, Gu Ren would continue to shoot. He wasn’t sure what to do, but decided to call Ye Zhi for help.


Ye Zhi had nothing on her schedule for today so she was resting at home. While she was sitting in front of the TV, she unexpectedly received a call from Cheng Qi. Cheng Qi immediately said after picking the call: “The commercial that Gu Ren is working on today has a lot of shots involving water. He has been completely covered in water for most of the day.”


“I’m afraid that he will catch a cold. Please could you make him some ginger soup when he gets home?”


Ye Zhi’s heart was beating wildly, and she couldn’t calm down after hanging up the phone. She quickly picked up the phone again and was about to call Gu Ren to ask about the situation.


However, when she was about to dial in Gu Ren’s number, she slowly retracted her hand again. She felt slightly helpless as she looked at the phone.


Gu Ren was still working. If she called him directly, he would be in a lot of trouble.


Ye Zhi looked at the contact details for Gu Ren’s number. It consisted of only two words: “Old friend.”


Ye Zhi stared at these two words for a long time, as her thoughts began to drift away. She wondered how Gu Ren was doing. Was he already sick?


Ye Zhi decided not to call him and wait for his arrival.


Ye Zhi sat on the sofa, unable to focus on the TV, as she constantly looked at the clock on the wall from time to time, feeling as if time had slowed down. It was extremely difficult for her to bear each passing second.


In the evening, Ye Zhi went to the kitchen to cook ginger soup. So the moment that Gu Ren arrived home, he would be able to drink a bowl of ginger soup.


After she finished cooking the ginger soup, she sat back on the sofa again. She surfed the internet on her phone, but her mind was not there at all.


After a while, Ye Zhi looked out of the window. It was already dusk and the sky was gradually getting dark. 


Ye Zhi couldn’t sit still. Panicking with thoughts like; what if Gu Ren doesn’t get back soon, how will he deal with his night blindness? So she stood up and prepared to go out. She had just taken a few steps from the sofa, when she heard a sound coming from the front door.

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