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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 147

Ye Zhi paused for a moment and looked towards the front door, as Gu Ren opened the door and walked in. He was wearing a black shirt with no wrinkles on it. The cuffs were slightly rolled up, revealing his thin wrists.


Even though Gu Ren lowered his head. Ye Zhi could still see his pale face and thin lips looking completely blue as if there was almost no trace of blood in them.


It looked like he had been walking through the snow for hours, as he looked very sickly.


Ye Zhi’s heartbeat sped up out of anxiousness. She quickly walked over to Gu Ren and looked up at him.


Ye Zhi carefully stared at Gu Ren’s expression, as she worriedly asked: “Cheng Qi told me that you have been shooting a commercial involving water today. He said that you have been covered in water for most of the day.”


Gu Ren raised his eyes to look at Ye Zhi in the eyes. She could see a deep fatigue reflected in his long narrow eyes. He looked very tired and even his voice sank a bit.


He said in a low voice: “It’s okay, I just need to sleep a little.”


Ye Zhi: “Have you had dinner yet?”


Gu Ren nodded: “I have eaten already.”


Just as Gu Ren was about to walk to bedroom, Ye Zhi suddenly said, “You wait a moment.”


Gu Ren stopped his action, as he saw Ye Zhi head to the kitchen to grab a bowl. When she walked back out, Gu Ren discovered that the bowl contained a dark liquid, which smelled of ginger.


Ye Zhi placed the bowl into Gu Ren’s hands and said, “I made some ginger soup for you. Have some of it, it will help fatigue.”


Gu Ren looked at Ye Zhi with a slight smile: “Thank you.”


After Gu Ren finished drinking the ginger soup, he looked at Ye Zhi: “I am feeling very tired today so I will go to bed early.” Ye Zhi nodded.


Gu Ren headed off to his room to take a bath and Ye Zhi also returned to her room. Gu Ren didn’t come out afterwards, he probably fell asleep.


However, Ye Zhi was still a little worried about him. Even if Gu Ren drank the ginger soup, he might still catch a cold, just by how pale his face looked.


Ye Zhi tried thinking about what to do for a while, before finally deciding to ask the servant to prepare some medicine for colds. Afterwards, Ye Zhi gently opened the door to Gu Ren’s room with one hand as she held a tray of medicines along with a glass of water in the other hand. She carefully looked around the room.


She saw a small lamp was still on besides Gu Ren’s bed. The dim light shrouded the room, dispelling the surrounding darkness.


Ye Zhi walked over to the bed and looked down. Gu Ren was lying quietly on the bed with his eyes closed.


Ye Zhi felt that Gu Ren was fast asleep. He did not even wake up when she entered the room. It seemed that he was indeed sick.


Gu Ren wasn’t wearing his suit or tie at the moment, which made him look very different compared to usual.


Ye Zhi carefully placed down the tray with medicines as she softly stared at Gu Ren. She pondered for a moment, before slightly bending over and softly placing her hand on Gu Ren’s forehead.


She felt that his forehead was slightly hot. She reckoned that Gu Ren had a fever.


Ye Zhi quietly sighed as she silently sat beside Gu Ren.


Ye Zhi didn’t notice that when she sat on the bed, Gu Ren’s closed eyes and dark eyelashes trembled slightly.

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