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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 148

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Gu Ren was a light sleeper, so he was already awake when Ye Zhi walked into the room. However, he didn’t plan to open his eyes, as he wanted to see what Ye Zhi would do.


Gu Ren’s breathing was slow and heavy to make it look as though he was really asleep. As long as he wanted to pretend, Ye Zhi would not notice anything out of place.


Ye Zhi looked at Gu Ren and found nothing wrong. Before saying softly: “Even if you want to work hard, you have to take care of your body, otherwise you will cause everyone that cares about you to be worried.”


Ye Zhi muttered to herself: “You really should take this medicine since you are sick, but you are already asleep. Should I wake you or not?”


Ye Zhi kept wondering whether she should wake Gu Ren or not. If she didn’t wake him up, he would continue to sleep with a fever. She was afraid that it would take him a long time to get better if he didn’t take the medicine right away.


It looked like Gu Ren had finally fallen asleep to Ye Zhi and she didn’t know if he would be able to comfortably fall asleep again after being woken by her.


Alas, it was really a hard decision for her to make.


Thinking he could not hear her, Ye Zhi murmured, “In my world, adults would normally get worried when sick children don’t drink their medicine…”


Gu Ren’s eyelashes trembled slightly upon hearing those words. This time, his eyelids were also quivering gently as butterfly wings.


The medicine had gotten cold already, so Ye Zhi decided to prepare another bowl and wake him up to get him to drink it. Just as she picked the bowl and was about to stand up from the bed.


Gu Ren opened his eyes.


The moment he laid eyes upon Ye Zhi, it was as though canvases of light and shadow had intertwined and had enveloped his surroundings.


Ye Zhi stood up abruptly in surprise, but Gu Ren reached out and grabbed her by the wrist, gently pulling her towards himself. Following the pull, Ye Zhi was falling straight towards him.


At the same time, Ye Zhi had suddenly lost all of her strength and weakened her grasp. Causing the bowl to fall out of her hands to the ground, making a loud dull noise.


Losing her balance, Ye Zhi fell down onto the bed.


As a last resort, she managed to catch herself from toppling completely over Gu Ren by propping her elbows against the bed. Gu Ren appeared closer than before.


Startled, Ye Zhi raised her head towards him. Gu Ren, whom she thought was still asleep, was now sitting upright in bed, staring at her with his cool, dark eyes.


Gu Ren’s cold, pale, and slender hands were resting upon Ye Zhi’s wrist, they were cold to the bone. His fingers were tightly wrapped around her wrist and gradually a bitter cold sensation spread.


Gu Ren lowered his eyes — they were as deep as darkness — as he spoke word by word slowly, “What did you just say?”


Gu Ren’s voice was low and hoarse, as he was still sick. Surprisingly this added an unexpected charm to his appearance.


At that moment, Gu Ren was a bit groggy. Despite that, he had not loosened his grasp. He was firmly holding onto Ye Zhi, as his dark eyes were clear and bright stared at her.


Ye Zhi was stunned. Was Gu Ren not asleep just now? She assumed he was, thinking he would not be able to hear her mumbling her thoughts aloud.


Her heart raced. If Gu Ren was not sleeping then, did he hear every word she said?


Including the last sentence, where she said, ‘In her world…’


Ye Zhi was growing frantic inside. She could not look Gu Ren in the eye as she was filled with a guilty conscience.


Ye Zhi glanced down and saw the broken pieces of the medicine bowl. So she  tried to change the subject, by casually saying, “Oh no, the medicine has spilled.”


Even as she spoke, Gu Ren did not spare a glance at the spilled medicine on the floor. As his unwavering black eyes, he continued to stare at Ye Zhi.


He was waiting for her to answer.

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