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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 149

Gu Ren’s eyes were as black as squid ink.


In this boundless darkness, there existed a trace of inexplicable emotions. Hovering in his eyes, they were like little fireflies flickering in the night sky.


Gu Ren said nothing. Simply being watched by him in this manner made Ye Zhi feel as if she had nowhere to hide and her hidden thoughts were about to be revealed.


Gu Ren slowly clenched his hands. His slender hands seemed to be giving away some of his feelings. It was as if he was about to reveal his thoughts any second now.


However, he was desperately holding back. Who knew what kinds of stories he could be hiding within the depths of his heart?


Suddenly, with a forceful yank, he closed the distance between Ye Zhi and himself.


She looked up at Gu Ren who was looking down at her. At this moment, her heartbeat was pounding wildly.


She saw her face reflect within his black pupils, making her feel even more flustered as she was totally unsure what to do.


Gu Ren tightly pursed his lips. It seemed like he was not trying to be too forceful, but yet there was a trace of impatience in his expression.


As he continued to stare at Ye Zhi, he lowered his voice. Amidst silence, his hoarse voice reverberated, “Ye Zhi, answer me.”


Ye Zhi looked at Gu Ren. Only the cold sensation in her wrist felt clearer and crispier, as cold as bathing in an icy wind on a snowy winter’s night.


What was more intense than that were Gu Ren’s eyes. They were like deep pools of the endless abyss.


In the midst of the cold and quiet night, Gu Ren asked the same question but with a more solemn, slower and clearer tone.


“What did you say just now?”


Gu Ren repeated himself, insisting Ye Zhi answer him. She could not refrain from panicking as she stuttered, “What… When did you wake up?”


Slowly, Gu Ren said, “I woke up quite a long time ago.”


Ye Zhi asked, “Why didn’t you tell me that you were awake?” If she knew Gu Ren was awake, she would have kept her mouth firmly shut without saying a word.


Gu Ren did not reply, instead he asked, “Just repeat what you just said to me again.”


Ye Zhi thought for a while and said, “I said you don’t pay attention to your body.”


Gu Ren’s expression remained unchanged, “What else?”


Gu Ren had already expected that she would not simply answer him. But still, his hand was firmly grasping Ye Zhi’s wrist, refusing to let go until she had given him her answer.


Averting the heavy subject, she answered softly, “I said, your family will be worried if you don’t take your medicine.”


Gu Ren tilted his head towards her, motioning her to continue speaking.


Stiffly, Ye Zhi spat out the words, “That’s all.”


Gu Ren smirked as he nonchalantly spoke with a drawl, “Is that really all?”


Ye Zhi persistently nodded in agreement.


Gu Ren continued to stare at Ye Zhi in silence. After a while, he spoke in a calm manner, “I recalled clearly hearing you say, in your worl—”


Ye Zhi promptly interrupted him, “You heard it wrong. I said, in our world.” She insisted that he had heard her wrong.


In a lethargic tone, Gu Ren said, “Is that so.”


Ye Zhi straightened up and put on a confident expression, “It’s true. I’m not lying, you must’ve heard me wrong.”


Breaking into a smile, he leaned towards Ye Zhi, staring straight at her with his black eyes.


In a nonchalant but gentle tone, he whispered into her ears, “If you’re not lying, then what are you afraid of?”


Startled, Ye Zhi replied, “You are thinking too much, I’m not afraid.”


Gu Ren eloquently spoke, “If you aren’t afraid, then why do you refuse to look at me?”

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