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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money to Prevent Disasters Chapter 15

T/N: Fleeting Cloud    E/D: Lie & Nyx

When did she start to care about a substitute?


Assistant Chen carefully reminded her, “The shooting is about to start, shall we leave first?”


Before she finished speaking, Sheng Man said coldly, “What’s the hurry? What will happen if they wait a little.”


Assistant Chen dared not speak again.


At this point, the lighting props and the characters were all ready and the camera started to roll.


When the surrounding lights dimmed, Ye Zhi closed her eyes and calmed her heart.


Ye Zhi’s face was half-covered, looking extremely brilliant. Her red lips looked like blooming roses and her snow white slender neck was very attractive.


After Ye Zhi understood Sheng Man’s plan, she came up with an idea to defend herself. She would never sit back and just let Sheng Man bully her.


Ye Zhi knew that she had been selected as a substitute for Sheng Man before because her facial features were almost similar to Sheng Man. But she knew one thing.


There was a small mole at the end of her wrist which Sheng Man didn’t have.


Sheng Man was pressing hard to suppress her so she could just use this to fight back.


At this time of the dance, Ye Zhi slowly raised her hand. The sleeves slipped down her arm exposing a section of her snow-white, supple wrist. Ye Zhi’s hands were slender and white which made the mole at the wrist clear and distinct.


This matter was related to Sheng Man. Netizens paid attention to her every move so this dance would definitely be watched many times by netizens. Even if they didn’t find anything wrong at first, they would certainly notice some clues later.


She would let Sheng Man bask in joy for some time. When the dance scene was broadcasted, the perfect image of Sheng Man would crack.


In this short dance, Ye Zhi ‘accidentally’ exposed the mole several times.


The camera recorded all the actions of Ye Zhi and the mole naturally was recorded too.


Every action of Ye Zhi was graceful and very beautiful. The assistant director and Sheng Man were thinking about Ye Zhi’s acting but they never thought that they had entered Ye Zhi’s game.


Sheng Man watched Ye Zhi dance while keeping her face calm. Even if Ye Zhi had the most beautiful appearance and the best dancing posture, Ye Zhi was destined to be oppressed in the entertainment circle.


She would let Ye Zhi know that she could only exist as her shadow. It used to be and it would still be.


Before Ye Zhi finished the performance, Sheng Man got up and left to shoot her part.


When she stood up, Sheng Man’s lips had a triumphant smile. She was able to put Ye Zhi in her place as she wanted it to be, making her original bad mood a little better.


After filming today’s scene, Sheng Man immediately got in the car. She leaned lazily on the back of her seat and the first sentence she asked was about the Bulgari necklace.


“Did you try to buy that necklace again? It doesn’t matter if the other person wants more money.”


Sheng Man extended her hand and looked at the nails that she had carefully taken care of. She thought that there wouldn’t be any inconsistencies as long as you use money. An average person would surely agree after knowing the price she had offered.


The assistant’s face looked bleak, “I tried but I didn’t succeed…”


Sheng Man’s expression changed, “What about the necklace?”


Her assistant answered, “The necklace has been delivered to Mrs. Gu.”


Sheng Man frowned. She now understood that the only Bulgari necklace in Asia was destined not to be hers.


The wealth of the Gu family was several hundred times that of Sheng’s. No matter how much price she offered, Mrs. Gu would never give up this necklace.


(This marks the end of 5th chapter.)


After a few days, Ye Zhi received a call from Grandfather Gu and she immediately picked it up.


“Grandfather,” Ye Zhi called politely. Grandfather Gu rarely made a call to Ye Zhi. She couldn’t think of a reason why Grandfather Gu had called.


When Grandfather Gu heard Ye Zhi’s voice, he first hummed and then directly went to the point.


“You and Ren are not that familiar with each other yet so I’m afraid you’ll forget. In a few days it will be Ren’s birthday and there will be a small celebration. Can you buy him a present?”


Grandfather Gu added, “If you don’t have enough money, you can ask me.”


At the request of Grandfather Gu, Ye Zhi immediately agreed and hung up. After hanging up, Ye Zhi began to worry about Gu Ren’s gift.


Ye Zhi had never bought a gift for a guy and she didn’t know Gu Ren’s preference. It’s really hard to choose.
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