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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 150

“If you aren’t afraid…”


Every word Gu Ren uttered was filled with charisma, “…then what’s happening to your heart… why is it beating so fast?”


Startled, she averted her eyes downwards. She was feeling too tense just now. Even though Gu Ren was holding her wrist, she did not withdraw her hand.


At some point, he had casually moved his hand along her wrist, stopping right where her pulse could be measured.


Not an inch too far, nor an inch too close; he had positioned his fingers on her pulse without the slightest error.


His fingers still bore a tinge of coldness. At the touch of his fingertips, he could clearly discern that her heart was beating furiously.


Stiffened, Ye Zhi wanted to withdraw her hand, but Gu Ren obscurely applied more force. What he wanted was simple — Ye Zhi just had to give him the answer.


Gu Ren slowly lifted his eyes. He looked at Ye Zhi, speaking ambiguously, “Tell me, Ye Zhi. Did I speak incorrectly? Or are you just confused?”


Pulling back her hand, Ye Zhi abruptly stood up and said, “You’re the one who’s confused. You are thinking too much. You won’t get any better at this rate.”


She quickly added, “The medicine is all over the floor. I’ll get you another bowl. After taking it, you should sleep and get a good rest.”


She turned to leave. Her footsteps sounded and looked slightly flustered.


Gu Ren sat in the dark. As his gaze lingered on Ye Zhi’s flustered silhouette, he let out a low chuckle.


Ye Zhi returned to the room after a bit and gave him a new bowl of medicine. She waited for his fever to go down before leaving the room. When she went to bed, Ye Zhi tossed and turned all night long, unable to fall asleep.


After a long time, she finally managed to fall asleep, and when she opened her eyes, it was already daytime. Rays of sunlight filled her room, illuminating the entire room.


Immediately after getting up, Ye Zhi briskly washed and readied herself, and headed towards Gu Ren’s room. Thinking that he would still be asleep, she lightly knocked on the door and then softly opened it.


Contrary to her expectations, Gu Ren was already awake, sitting in a chair by the bed. Due to his fever from last night, Gu Ren’s complexion was still pale and his profile carried a sense of frailty.


Apart from the night when the lights went out, Ye Zhi had never seen this side of Gu Ren. He had always been an omnipotent figure in her mind.


Seeing him in this situation made Ye Zhi’s heart ache without even her knowing.


Hearing the sound of the door opening, he turned to look. When he saw her, his grim eyebrows softened.


Ye Zhi immediately stepped forward and approached Gu Ren. She stretched out a hand and placed it on his forehead, comparing her temperature with that of Gu Ren’s.


Ye Zhi’s sudden movements stunned Gu Ren. However, he did not protest and just sat still in the chair.


After a while, she frowned slightly as she spoke, “Looks like you still have a fever.”


“First, you should lie back down in bed. I’ll bring you some porridge to eat. You should take the medicine afterwards.”


Seeing that he was being treated by Ye Zhi as a severely ill patient, Gu Ren smiled helplessly, “Ye Zhi, it’s just a fever.”


However, Ye Zhi had a different opinion to Gu Ren. This time, regardless of what he said, she insisted on following her own assessment.


“No, you are still a sick patient.”


Bringing her own breakfast along with his, she sat beside Gu Ren and they ate together.


Gu Ren looked at Ye Zhi, then suddenly spoke, “Ye Zhi, tomorrow, Aunt Qin will take you to the Gu Family’s club, to help you get acquainted.”


Without much thought, Ye Zhi gave him a simple nod.

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