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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 151

When Gu Ren proposed that they should get married, he set up a contract saying that the marriage would only be for one year. He did not want to trap Ye Zhi just because his parents wanted him to get married for some superstitions.


So Ye Zhi assumed that she wouldn’t get to meet his family and relatives that often even though she really wanted to. When he arranged for her to get familiar with them, she was glad to hear it.


As his gaze fell on Ye Zhi, he quickly guessed what she was thinking about. He couldn’t help but feel happy.


He lightly shifted his eyes away, as a thought passed through his mind. He hoped that his marriage would last for more than the planned year, as he had asked Ye Zhi to get to know his family.


During the process of getting to know Ye Zhi, he didn’t even know when he started having these thoughts.


Gu Ren lowered his eyes and fixed his gaze on the bowl of porridge in front of him. Each grain of rice was distinct, as a waft of white steam drifted from the bowl.


Just like the person in front of him; whenever he was close to her, a warm feeling instantly filled his heart and surroundings.


A gentle smile appeared on his face as he spoke with a profound voice.


“Just treat it as a family gathering.”


Ye Zhi was unaware that Gu Ren was already paving the way for their future. She just nodded obediently; unknowingly stepping into the trap Gu Ren had set for her.


“Okay, no problem.”


The next day,  Gu Ren’s aunt, Qin Ling, came to pick up Ye Zhi. The club was under her management, so she would naturally try her best to introduce Ye Zhi to the Gu family. 


As soon as they arrived at the club, Qing Ling led Ye Zhi to the room on the second floor. From there, they could see all of the activities going on the floor below, but the people downstairs were not able to see them. 


Guided by Qin Ling, Ye Zhi greeted several of the Gu family’s relatives. 


After Ye Zhi finished familiarizing herself with them, Qin Ling and Ye Zhi went to one of the private rooms on the second floor, where a waiter served them tea and a few delicate snacks.


“Look over there, that’s Sheng Man.” Qin Ling casually turned her gaze to downstairs, she instinctively called when she saw Sheng Man.


Ye Zhi followed Qin Ling’s gaze. Sheng Man had arrived with her posse of rich and pretty girls. They would regularly hang out together.


This time, it was Sheng Man who chose the place for their meetup. She knew this club was run by the Gu family so she hoped to inadvertently run into Gu Ren.


When Sheng Man and her friends sat down at a table, they ordered a wide range of snacks along with a few bottles of expensive red wine. They looked like they were going to have a good time.


Qin Ling had seen the news online and knew that Sheng Man had deliberately bullied Ye Zhi in the past; thus her face showed an expression of disapproval.


“Did you know that Sheng Man is not actually the biological daughter of the Sheng family?”


Ye Zhi was surprised as she did not expect Qin Ling to know about such things. It seemed that Qin Ling knew more than just that.


Qing Ling and Ye Zhi began to gossip the secrets of the Sheng family. The fact that the Sheng family’s biological daughter was abducted at a young age was not completely hidden. There were still a few people who knew about the Sheng family’s affairs.


“Sheng Man is the only child of a distant relative of the Sheng family. After the Sheng family’s child disappeared, the mother almost collapsed from the shock; thus Sheng Man was sent over to them.”


“The Sheng family has never stopped looking for their biological daughter and Sheng Man also knows about it.”


Ye Zhi turned her gaze back to Sheng Man. She watched as Sheng Man was talking and laughing with her friends, but she noticed that there was a hint of mockery in their eyes.

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