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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 152

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Sheng Man did not know that Ye Zhi was watching her from the second floor, nor did she know that Ye Zhi and Qin Ling were gossiping about her life story.


In Sheng Man’s opinion, as long as she could remain as the daughter of the Sheng family, there would not be much problem. It was not as if the Sheng family would just throw her, whom they raised as their own child, away. Even if their biological daughter truly returned one day, she would still be the daughter of the Sheng family. What’s more, the biological daughter who disappeared a long time ago would not be so easy to find.


One of her friends, called Ren Shao, was sitting across from Shen Man. She already had a few drinks and began to giggle about something.


“Do you know who Sheng Lian is?”


Everyone looked at Ren Shao with confused expressions. None of them had heard the name Sheng Lian, except for one person.


Sheng Man.


Sheng Man had a smile on her face before she froze. The strength in her hand began to falter, as she almost dropped her wine glass. She hid her trembling hand from everyone’s view for fear that the others would find her strange.


Sheng Lian was Sheng Man’s biological father. Whenever she met with Sheng Lian, she always practiced caution, because she did not want others to know that she was not the biological daughter of the Sheng family.


When Sheng Man heard his name from her friend, her heart began to beat uncontrollably, as if the truth she had been afraid of was about to be exposed.


“Who is Sheng Lian?  Why are you bring him up”


Ren Shao looked at Sheng Man, “You know him, right?  He is a distant relative of yours. You must feel pretty annoyed having such a relative, don’t you?”


Sheng Man wore an uncomfortable smile, “How would I know, I have never met him?”


Ren Shao continued, “Sheng Lian is not capable at all, yet he relied on his relationship with the Sheng family to join a branch as an executive. Some time ago, this branch company of his seemed to have lost a lot of business.”


“Furthermore, Sheng Lian’s son is not doing any better. He only knows how to eat, drink, and have fun. I remember he also has a daughter. She’s probably also just like them. The whole family are just leeches.”


When Sheng Man heard how Ren Shao was talking about her family, her anger could no longer be suppressed, “Is that all you have to talk about? Is it really that fun to gossip behind other people’s backs?”


Ren Shao was taken aback by Sheng Man’s sudden anger, slowly her temper flared up as well. Like Sheng Man, they were spoiled by their families since they were children. How could they stand being yelled at by others?


Ren Shao also raised her voice louder, “What do you mean? He has nothing to do with you! Why are you trying to get on the good side of that good-for-nothing!”


In that instant, Sheng Man panicked, “I’ve got nothing to do with them, but I just can’t stand you badmouthing anyone related to my Sheng family!”


Seeing that things were getting intense, their friends who were standing to the side quickly grabbed both of them and pulled them away from each other to prevent any more fighting. Moreover, as Sheng Man was a public figure, it would have been inevitable for others to see her as a joke, if news got out that she started a fight.


Unfortunately, Sheng Man’s brother, Sheng Bang had just arrived at the club with his buddies. Not too long after arriving, he was coerced into opening the most expensive wine available in the club.


Sheng Bang leaned on the reception desk and said in an arrogant tone, “Give me your most expensive bottle of wine here! Let my brothers know what it’s like to drink premium alcohol!”


The receptionist looked distressed, “Apologies, but this bottle of wine is not for sale.”


Sheng Bang frowned. “Do you know who I am? I must drink this wine today.”


Realizing something was amiss, the receptionist continued to explain, “Master Sheng, this bottle of wine is only for display. It really isn’t available for sale.”

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