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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 153

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The receptionist was afraid of getting into trouble and wanted to give the Sheng family some face. She could only hope that Sheng Bang would stop causing trouble once he had a look at the bottle.


Sheng Bang chuckled and seemed to have come to a decision. “Alright, then I’ll just take a good look at it. I won’t trouble you any further.”


Wearing gloves, the receptionist carefully took out the bottle of ‘Isabel’s Isy’ whiskey from the display cabinet.


‘Isabel’s Isy’ whiskey was considered a precious item to the Gu family because they bought it at an auction house for $6 million.


The bottle had a slim top turning wider towards the base of it. It was encrusted with countless diamonds all over the bottle. In addition, its glass body was also decorated with several small gold bars; naturally making the bottle quite heavy.


Furthermore, the most expensive whiskey in the world was inside. This meant that the entire bottle was extremely valuable. Thus, this was not a product that the Gu family wanted to sell. It was a part of an art collection.


Ye Zhi and Qin Ling both saw this scene from the second floor. Looking at Sheng Bang’s behavior, Ye Zhi knew that he would not just let things go that easily.


Ye Zhi frowned, “I wonder if Sheng Bang will intentionally cause trouble.”


Both Qing Ling and Ye Zhi thought of going down, but Qin Ling spoke first, “You stay up here. I’ll go down and have a look.”


Ye Zhi watched as Qin Ling walked out of the room before she turned back to look downstairs again. Just as she predicted, Sheng Bang wanted to cause trouble.


Sheng Bang leaned over and pretended to take a closer look. The receptionist did not expect that in the next second, Sheng Bang had already grabbed the whiskey bottle and swiftly opened the lid.


The aroma of the whiskey overflowed. This bottle of whiskey was now as good as ruined, thanks to Sheng Bang.


The receptionist was overwhelmed with shock and couldn’t react at all. However, Qin Ling just arrived in time and said, “Young Master Sheng must have a lot of face. Since you have already opened this bottle of whiskey, you must pay 6 million American dollars; otherwise I will have to call the police to settle this matter.”


Sheng Bang did not expect that Qin Ling would be so merciless. He subconsciously looked at his riffraff buddies. However, they had already retreated and were standing on the far side of the club playing innocent.


Although Sheng Bang worked in one of the branch companies of the Sheng family, there was no way he could have that much money. Yet, if he got involved with the police, he would lose even more face.


Sheng Bang flustered. Just as he thought that he was out of options, he saw Sheng Man in the corner of his eyes.


“Little sister, help me!”


Sheng Bang breathed a sigh of relief, “My sister has money, she can help me pay in advance!”


Initially, Sheng Man saw the entire farce unfold. She was already thinking of retreating and leaving the club, but Sheng Bang had stopped her in front of everyone.


At that moment, Sheng Man’s face turned pale. With everyone staring at her, she was shaking unconsciously and her ears were ringing with a buzz.


Ren Shao watched in excitement as she continued to fan the flames, “Hey little sister, your older brother is calling for you to go over.”


Sheng Man did not know how she managed to walk over under so much pressure. She was about to speak, when she saw a man who had just walked into the club.


Sheng Man’s eyes lit up as she called out that man’s name, “Gu Ren, please help me.”

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