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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 154

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Gu Ren had just arrived at the club to pick up Ye Zhi to head home. He did not expect that he would be witnessing this kind of weird scenario.


Everyone else in the club was not surprised to see Gu Ren show up at the club. After all, this place was owned by the Gu family.


However, they were not sure what kind of relationship Gu Ren had with Sheng Man. Judging from Sheng Man’s tone, it seemed as if the two had a good relationship. They wondered if Gu Ren would help her to save face.


Gu Ren’s expression remained unmoved. He looked past the crowd, as eyes directly landed on Sheng Man. He walked straight towards her and stood beside Qin Ling.


Sheng Man looked at Gu Ren, who was standing in the light. His expression remained indifferent, as if he did not know her at all.


Suddenly, Sheng Man felt a bad feeling about the situation. She said in a tender voice,  “Gu…”


Gu Ren interrupted Sheng Man’s words. He glared at Sheng Man and Sheng Bang. As his expression remained cold, he spoke in a monotonous voice.


“Will you be calling the Sheng family, or shall I do it for you?”


Gu Ren clearly enunciated his words, although it was not certain who he had directed those words to, either Sheng Man or Sheng Bang.


Clearly, Sheng Man was hoping Gu Ren would make an exception for her, but Gu Ren had no intention of showing any mercy to Sheng Man.


Amidst the commotion of the crowd, Gu Ren’s words drifted into Sheng Man’s ears. She heard every word, but she could not connect them into a coherent sentence.


Compared to the moment when Sheng Bang called out to her, she was feeling even more humiliated now.


Sheng Man had hoped that Gu Ren would give her preferential treatment, as they had worked together several times.


But unexpectedly, Gu Ren seemed to be more cruel than the others. His few words were enough to render her speechless.


Seeing Sheng Man calling out to Gu Ren, Sheng Bang thought that the problem would be resolved. He had not expected that it was just Sheng Man’s wishful thinking as Gu Ren had no intention to help them at all.


The commotion of the surrounding spectators was becoming more intense. Such a spectacle was quite out of the ordinary to witness for them.


Although the Sheng family’s assets were known to be in the billions, it was still miniscule compared to the Gu family.


Sheng Bang had been acting cocky because he was riding on the coattails of the Sheng family. He never expected that the Gu family would disregard his affiliation and force him to lose face.


However, Sheng Bang was not entirely faultless either. He forcefully opened the most expensive wine in the club without considering whether he could afford to pay for it. It was also misfortunate for Sheng Man to be related to such a person.


The spectators continued to chatter aloud. Hearing this, Sheng Man wore a stiff smile as she asked, “Sheng Bang is a relative of the Sheng family. So of course we will pay, I am wondering if it’s alright for us to leave first?”


Gu Ren continued to wear an indifferent expression, “Once he has paid for the whisky, he will be allowed to leave naturally.”


In the next second, Gu Ren turned his gaze towards Sheng Man, “If you want to pay for your brother’s debt, that’s fine as well.”


Gu Ren had simply given Sheng Man a brief look, but when she heard the words ‘your brother’, she panicked as if her guilty conscience was pricked. She subconsciously denied this and emphasized once more.


“He is just a relative of mine. I will clear his debt, but I don’t have that much money on me right now.”

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