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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 155

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Sheng Man was uncertain if Gu Ren had heard her as his expression remained completely still with no visible changes in his emotions.


Gu Ren replied in an indiscriminate tone, “Then who among the two of you will sign an IOU? The deadline for the payment will be tomorrow.”


 (T/N: IOU is a bill of acknowledgement of debt.)


Seeing that Gu Ren was not backing down, she endured the humiliation and signed the IOU.


At that moment, Sheng Bang’s brutish behavior reappeared. After all, no matter what trouble he got himself into, he just needed to ask Sheng Man to resolve it for him.


He even let go of any pretense of wariness, as though he had done nothing wrong.


But at that moment, Gu Ren gave Sheng Bang a sidelong glance.


“From now on Sheng Bang will be blacklisted and will be prohibited from entering this club in the future.”


Furious, Sheng Bang retorted, “On what basis? The money’s been promised so the debt is cleared.”


Standing aside was Qin Ling, who was sneering unscrupulously, “If you’d like to settle this by involving the police, that’s fine by us. After all, it was initially your fault.”


Seeing that Sheng Bang was still eager to retaliate, Sheng Man dragged him out, not wanting to suffer any more humiliation.


It was fortunate that the Gu family’s club prohibited guests from taking pictures inside. Otherwise if news about the incident had spread across the Internet, Sheng Man felt she would lose all of her face.


After watching such a riveting course of events, Sheng Man’s friends also followed after her and left. As soon as they walked out of the club, Ren Shao called out to the two and stopped them.


“Sheng Man, why do you treat your distantly-related brother so well?”


Sheng Man recognized the obvious mocking tone in Ren Shao’s voice. She was busy dealing with Sheng Bang, so she could only swallow her pride and simply said, “I’m going home now. Is there anything else you need?”


Ren Shao disapprovingly exclaimed, “Nothing, anyway it wasn’t me who got humiliated.”


After her snide remark, Ren Shao turned around and left in the other direction.


Sheng Man yanked Sheng Bang to the passenger side of her car, opened the door and said, “Get in.”


Sheng Bang knew that Sheng Man was really angry, so he could only obediently sit in the passenger seat. Sheng Man walked over to the other side and got into the car.


She looked around her surroundings. After she confirmed there was no one around, Sheng Man began to lash out at Sheng Bang.


“Are you insane? How many times did I tell you to be careful? Did you forget?”


“I can’t even afford it! I’ll be forced to borrow it from my parents. What will they think of me?”


Sheng Man was angry with Sheng Bang’s laidback attitude. “I am the only daughter of the Sheng family. Don’t involve me in your dirty laundry. From now on if something goes wrong, you have to solve it yourself.”


Sheng Bang also became angry. “You keep calling them ‘my parents’!! You’ve been acting as the Sheng family’s daughter for so long, that you must really believe that you are the Sheng family’s daughter and treat them as your own.”


“Sheng Man, never forget this, I am your biological brother! If the biological daughter of the Sheng family comes back, I wonder where you would end up?”


“Even broken bones still have tendons attached to them. You and I are the same kind of people.” 


(T/N: Chinese metaphor for close relationships. Although they may fight with one another, the affection for each other never ceases.)


Sheng Man was completely unnerved by Sheng Bang’s indiscretion. “Keep your voice down. If other people catch wind of this, I’ll be dead meat.”

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