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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 156

Edited By Adrian

Sheng Man quickly started up the car, fearing that Sheng Bang would say something he shouldn’t. She stepped on the gas pedal and drove out of the parking lot.


Upon returning home, Sheng Man managed to borrow the money from her adoptive parents. Although they were unhappy when they learned of the reason, they still gave the money to Sheng Man.


The following day, Sheng Man headed over to the club with the cheque to pay off the money.


That night was most certainly insufferable for Sheng Man. But Ye Zhi, who had been watching from the second floor, had enjoyed the performance Sheng Man put on.


Looking down from above, Ye Zhi could see both Sheng Man’s mortified expression and Gu Ren’s ruthlessness. She leaned on the edge of the windowsill, the corners of her mouth lifted up uncontrollably.


Ye Zhi hadn’t returned to her senses until she heard Gu Ren’s voice coming from behind her.


“What are you laughing at?”


When he saw Ye Zhi was snickering to herself, his eyes and even his eyebrows began to smile unconsciously.


Ye Zhi turned around and saw him like this. She realized that Gu Ren in front of her was completely different from earlier where he was wearing a constant apathetic expression on his face.


The door behind Gu Ren was shut closed, only his slender body stood in front of it. 


Gu Ren walked towards her, as he did Ye Zhi stood up and said, “I was looking at Sheng Man.”


In Gu Ren’s mind, there was nothing interesting about looking at Sheng Man or what just happened. To him, it was just an annoying show of disputes.


Gu Ren walked over to the coat hanger and casually took down the coat that Ye Zhi had hung on it.


“Are we going home now?”


The air conditioner was blowing hot air into the room. So Ye Zhi was only wearing a thin sweater, but she noticed her face was feeling slightly warm. She wondered if the room temperature was too high for her.


Ye Zhi walked over to Gu Ren’s side, when he gave an affirming nod. Gu Ren stretched out his hand and passed the coat to Ye Zhi.


As Ye Zhi was putting on her coat, suddenly something occurred to her, “Wait a moment.”


Ye Zhi immediately reached into her bag and began to rummage through its contents. She quickly took two things out and placed them into Gu Ren’s hands.


Gu Ren lowered his head to take a look. It was a black face mask and a hat. Ye Zhi was also holding the same thing in her hands.


Ye Zhi smiled at Gu Ren, “I thought that we might need them, so I bought two pairs.”


After they had put on their masks and hats, they went straight to the private elevator on the second floor to exit through the private parking bay where only Gu family members were allowed to park.


Gu Ren planned not to drive away in the car he had arrived with, but a different car instead to shake off paparazzis. Someone would come to pick up his car and bring it back to the Gu family house.


Qin Ling didn’t return to Ye Zhi, after dealing with the matter of Sheng Bang, as she wanted to leave the room for the young couple.


When they first walked into the parking lot, Ye Zhi found that it looked very spacious. But once they walked a little further in, she discovered that there were a dozen cars parked in here.


These cars were all specifically for Gu Ren to use. To avoid getting recognized by the paparazzi, each car was a different model.


Gu Ren stopped walking and turned to look at Ye Zhi, “Take your pick.”

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