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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 157

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Ye Zhi looked around the garage unsure, as she did not know much about cars. The only cars she knew about were the ones she researched during the time when Gu Ren was looking to spend his money.


Although Ye Zhi was clueless about cars, she could still tell that every car here was very expensive.


Ye Zhi picked the closest black car to herself. Just as she wanted to pull open the car door to sit in the passenger seat, a sudden thought came to her mind.


This area was known to have a lot of traffic, most of the day. Furthermore they were leaving the Gu family club. So it was very likely that there would be plenty of paparazzis lying in wait outside.


Ye Zhi withdrew her hand and opened the back seat door instead, “I think I should sit in the back. What if we get caught by the paparazzi?”


Stunned, Gu Ren paused for a moment to think, then the corners of his lips curled up. He nodded his head, he decided to go with Ye Zhi’s suggestion.


As the night fell, a dark, cold wave of air enveloped the city. Luckily, the streets were brightly lit, so the pedestrians who came and went seemed to be completely unaffected by the darkness.


Their car slowly drove up and out of the club’s parking lot. The bright street lights reflected off the car into the sky, as they swiftly merged into the traffic.



They had not been driving for long when Gu Ren frowned. 


“The paparazzi’s here.”


Ye Zhi subconsciously looked at Gu Ren. The pitch of his tone lowered a fair bit, indicating to her the change in his mood. He quickly put on the mask she prepared, only leaving a pair of dark eyes visible.


Ye Zhi did not need to look to know that Gu Ren had an unhappy expression on his face under the mask.


Still, he did not stop the car, but accelerated forwards. Ye Zhi tried her best to lower her body. Only revealing her eyes to look out the windows, taking a peek of her surroundings as if she was preparing for something bad to happen.


Ye Zhi saw an inconspicuous car following them. Whenever their car changed lanes, the car behind them would zip through traffic to follow close behind.


Seeing this, Ye Zhi immediately retracted her gaze and looked at Gu Ren.


Ye Zhi had the feeling she ran out of luck today. She muttered to herself softly, “Was it because I chose this car? I’m such a jinx.”


Although Ye Zhi had lowered her voice, Gu Ren heard every word.


Despite the tense situation, Gu Ren let out a chuckle. With a low voice, he said, “Of course, it’s not your fault.”


Ye Zhi noticed that as soon as Gu Ren uttered those words, his whole body relaxed. He was even pleasantly tapping his slender fingers against the steering wheel.


Gu Ren looked like he was handling a butcher’s knife with ease. He drove the car in such a calm manner, as he weaved past car after car with great skill while looking ahead.


(T/N: “To handle a butcher’s knife with ease” – to complete a task with skill and ease)


Ye Zhi guessed that the reason why Gu Ren was so calm was, because he was used to being tailed by paparazzis, unlike herself.


Neither she nor the original owner of her body had never been that popular that the paparazzis would desperately catch after with her.


Ye Zhi was so nervous that her palms began to sweat. Her heart was racing wildly, even her body became stiff as if she was stuck to her seat.


However, her heartbeat eventually calmed down. It was as if Gu Ren’s unusually composed demeanor had infected Ye Zhi, alleviating her worries.


Gu Ren noticed there was movement in the backseat and looked back via the rearview mirror. He saw that Ye Zhi seemed to be looking around in the car, searching for something.


While she was searching, Ye Zhi kept her head low to prevent the paparazzi behind from taking any photos.


Just as Gu Ren was about to ask, suddenly Ye Zhi excitedly exclaimed, “I found it!”

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