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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 158

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He did not know how Ye Zhi managed to find a thin, completely black blanket, which was exactly the same color as the backseat of the car.


Gu Ren watched as Ye Zhi immediately laid flat on the backseat, and quickly covered herself with the blanket.


Ye Zhi covered by the black blanket, looked as if she had fused into the backseat of the car. At first glance, Gu Ren would have thought there was no one in the backseat.


Hidden underneath the blanket, Ye Zhi’s voice was muffled as she said, “You should drive carefully. Don’t turn your head around to look back, or else we’ll be discovered.”


Covering herself up was the only way she could think of to help Gu Ren; the rest was all up to Gu Ren.


Gu Ren just wanted to show off to Ye Zhi that he had lots of experience dealing with these kinds of situations. He had always been fully capable of getting rid of the paparazzi behind him at any time.


Unexpectedly, before Gu Ren had the time to show off, Ye Zhi made her move.


She was completely blind, as the blanket covered her. The only sense of contact she had with the outside world was her hearing.


Ye Zhi could only hear a chuckle from the driver’s seat after she had finished speaking.


After the small chuckle, Gu Ren laughed again. But this time, it was a deep, dull laugh that resonated throughout the car; travelling through the air and reached Ye Zhi’s ears


Underneath the thin blanket, Ye Zhi felt Gu Ren’s crystal-clear laughter, as if it swirled in the air, echoing in her ears over and over again.


Ye Zhi had never heard Gu Ren laugh so happily before. His previous laughs were all still somewhat restrained, but now it sounded like he was freed from all worries.


However, the fact that there was a paparazzi tailing behind them was still hanging in the back of Ye Zhi’s mind.


Ye Zhi deliberately lowered her voice and spoke breathlessly, “Don’t laugh so much, be mindful to not expose us.”


Gu Ren’s laughter remained undiminished, after all he had always been very good at multitasking. He was able to maintain his speed and easily dealt with the paparazzi behind him as he laughed.


In the next second, Ye Zhi felt the car swerve. Gu Ren drove with skilled precision that his maneuvers caused a few cars to come in between his car and the paparazzi, effectively blocking the paparazzi’s sight.


Gu Ren hit the accelerator and smoothly drove a long distance away from the paparazzi’s car, before they had even realized that Gu Ren’s car was nowhere to be seen.


The paparazzi failed to take any pictures. Not wanting to give up, they kept driving after them for a while. However, when they saw that they completely lost all traces of Gu Ren, they were forced to turn back and surrender.


Not long after, Gu Ren began to decelerate the car. Ye Zhi felt that the car was slowing down. It was getting slower and slower, until it finally came to a stop.


Ye Zhi did not lift the blanket immediately. She hesitantly called out to Gu Ren.


“Gu Ren?”


In the next second, the blanket on Ye Zhi was pulled away without any warning, and a sudden flash of light flooded her vision.


Ye Zhi squinted and saw that Gu Ren had already turned around to face her. His back faced towards the light. She could not see his face clearly as most of it was darkened by the backlight.


Gu Ren held the black blanket in his hands. 


“It’s okay, I got the paparazzi off our tail.”


A hint of glee remained in his voice as he told her.

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