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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 159

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Ye Zhi sat up in a daze. Amidst the shadow, she saw Gu Ren’s lips shaping into a smile. In an instant, she too was infected by Gu Ren’s joy.


She was uncertain if it was because she had stayed under the blanket for too long, but Ye Zhi suddenly felt like it was a little difficult to breathe.


Ye Zhi looked away from him in a panic, “I’ll go sit in the front now.”


Ye Zhi immediately opened the backseat car door, hopped out the car, then opened the front passenger door. However, in the next second she realized she had made a mistake. Because the distance between her and Gu Ren was even shorter now.


Ye Zhi felt relieved that Gu Ren had the lights turned off in the car, although she was unsure why she felt that way. On the way home, she looked sideways out of the window and did not initiate any conversations with Gu Ren.



A few days later, an outdoor reality TV show called “Perfect Couple” had announced their list of starring guests. At the same time, they also released promotional photos of all of the participants in which both Gu Ren and Ye Zhi were impressively featured.


Asides from themselves, there were names of more than a dozen guests, including Sheng Man and Song Yu.


The variety show was going to be a competition between participants that got randomly paired up as partners. It would test the mutual understanding and camaraderie between the partners. Whoever came out as the winner would be crowned as the Perfect Couple.


As the guest list had been revealed one by one, the netizens who were watching it live were hoping that Sheng Man and Ye Zhi could be paired up as a team in the show.


When the last of Gu Ren’s promotional photos were released, it caught the attention of the netizens. Not long after, all of the discussions on the message board were focused on Gu Ren.


Netizens agreed that Gu Ren and Ye Zhi would be the most unmatchable couple.


Therefore, they could never be the Perfect Couple.



The morning after the announcement.


Gu Ren was lazily leaning against the door of Ye Zhi’s room. He looked down at the ground and paused for a moment.


Gu Ren raised his hand and knocked on Ye Zhi’s door lightly. He asked in a casual voice: “Ye Zhi, are you awake?”


There was no sound of movement inside.


So Gu Ren knocked on the door again and asked, “Ye Zhi, are you awake?”


Ye Zhi was still asleep until she vaguely heard a knock on her door. She opened her eyes and focused on the sound coming from outside her door.


Still in a daze, Ye Zhi asked, “Who is it?”


From outside came a familiar sounding voice, “It’s me.”


When Ye Zhi recognized Gu Ren’s voice, she instantly sobered up and was wide awake. She asked, “What’s the matter?”


Gu Ren did not speak straight away. After a moment of silence, through the door, his voice came, “Can I come in and chat with you?”


Ye Zhi took a glance at herself. She was still in her pajamas and had messy hair. She sat up and exclaimed in a spirited voice, “Wait, I need to tidy up!”


Ye Zhi quickly straightened out her pajamas, her hair and said, “You can come in now.”


The door opened. Gu Ren walked in and looked over to the bed.


Ye Zhi was sitting there with her hair loosely tied up. Her cascading black hair was worn like a mantle that accentuated her fairness.


Gu Ren averted his gaze while retaining a cool expression. He sat down and looked at Ye Zhi, “From today onwards, you need to undergo training in the gym.”


There was already a gym in the house. It was very convenient if anyone wanted to exercise.


Ye Zhi was surprised, “Why do I have to start training?”


Gu Ren: “There are a lot of challenges in the Perfect Couple variety show. Most of them are performed outdoors, which will require a lot of physical endurance.”


Gu Ren looked at Ye Zhi’s thin body, “If your fitness level is lacking, you will suffer a lot in this show.”


Ye Zhi understood what Gu Ren meant. Since she was participating in the show, she wanted to perform well and do her best to reach the finals.

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