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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money to Prevent Disasters Chapter 16

T/N: Fleeting Cloud E/D: Lie & Nyx

After listening to Grandfather Gu’s words, it implied that Gu Ren’s birthday gift should be expensive. Ye Zhi could buy any expensive gift she fancy and he would pay for it.

However, Ye Zhi did not want her gift to be so perfunctory so she searched online.

After searching, she found that many netizens’ proposals were to buy a watch.

Suddenly, Ye Zhi came up with an idea. She went out to buy Gu Ren a Patek Philippe watch of more than 3 million Yuan. After she bought it, Ye Zhi didn’t go home directly but turned to the department store.

To avoid being recognized by anyone, Ye Zhi disguised herself first before she went to the section where neckties were sold.

Ye Zhi didn’t know about Gu Ren’s birthday before. But now that she knew it, she wanted to buy a gift for Gu Ren herself.

The watch that she bought with the money that Gu Ren gave her was not counted. Ye Zhi wanted to buy him a gift with her own money. Even if it’s not expensive, it should be enough to convey her intention.

(Note: In the end she didn’t ask Grandfather Gu for money because she still had the card from Gu Ren and Gu Ren’s mom)

Now she and Gu Ren were considered as friends, and it’s just right to give a gift to a friend on his birthday.

Ye Zhi walked around the whole place and carefully checked each item she chose. She was not clear about Gu Ren’s taste so she could only choose one that she thought was good-looking.

After buying the necktie, Ye Zhi went out of the shopping mall and was ready to go home. She was waiting for the taxi when a bus passed in front of her.

Ye Zhi’s eyes fell on the bus’s design.

Gu Ren’s birthday was coming in a few days so Gu Ren’s fans were using various ways to celebrate Gu Ren’s birthday.

There was a big poster of Gu Ren on the bus.

In that poster, Gu Ren was looking as cold as usual. He didn’t laugh very often, but he was still very handsome.

Ye Zhi felt nervous as if she had done something wrong. She immediately put the necktie at the bottom of her bag.

Ye Zhi thought for two days but still couldn’t make up her mind whether she would give the tie to Gu Ren or not. Ye Zhi was still contemplating and didn’t notice that it was already the day for Gu Ren’s birthday celebration.

Because Gu Ren was very busy with work, the Gu family planned to celebrate his birthday one day in advance.

Because Gu Ren often met with accidents, the Gu family attached great importance to his birthday. Even Gu Ren’s parents also rushed from abroad to celebrate and their whole family gathered in Gu’s residence.

As a new family member, Ye Zhi naturally also had to attend Gu Ren’s family gatherings.

The attitude of Gu Ren’s parents towards Ye Zhi was the same as that of Grandfather Gu. They knew that Ye Zhi was the one whose fate matched with Gu Ren’s so they were more kind to her.

The Gu family welcomed Gu Ren and Ye Zhi when they arrived. As soon as Ye Zhi entered the dining hall, Gu Ren’s mother, Qin Ting, smiled and came forward. She gave a greeting to Gu Ren and Ye Zhi then held Ye Zhi’s both hands before inviting her to the table.

“Good girl, sit here.”

Qin Ting was good at judging people. At first, because of the news about Ye Zhi circulating in the entertainment circle, she had a little affection for her. Now when she interacted with Ye Zhi slowly, she found that Ye Zhi was not the same as they described her on the internet.

Entertainment circle was a mixture of real and fake. It’s impossible to evaluate a person judging from other people’s description. Only when you really meet them in person, will you know their true nature.

But now, Qin Ting felt good. Maybe Ye Zhi and Gu Ren were suited to each other.

There were only five of them on the table and Ye Zhi and Gu Ren were sitting on the same side. They celebrated this birthday simply.

The character of Gu Ren’s Father and Gu Ren was similar. They both didn’t like to laugh. But when he saw Ye Zhi, he smiled and nodded to her.

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