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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 161

Translated by LiLi041

Edited By Adrian

After Ye Zhi finally finished the last movement, she immediately laid down tiredly upon the ground, breathing much faster than normally.


Ye Zhi waited to catch her breath and asked quietly, “Did… Did I pass?”


Gu Ren said in a low voice, “Are you really that nervous?”


Ye Zhi didn’t reply. She was nervous about whether she had disappointed Gu Ren during this month of training.


Gu Ren stood there with a hand in his pocket as he looked down at her. “How could I be disappointed in a hard-working student like you?”


Gu Ren was standing with his back to the light, so Ye Zhi couldn’t see his face clearly. From her angle, she could only make out the general outline of his body.


In the next second, Ye Zhi saw Gu Ren’s body bend as he slowly squatted down with his elbows resting carelessly on his knees. He gazed down at her.


She was still lying on the ground, and he was still looking down at her with his head slightly lowered. This time, Ye Zhi could clearly see Gu Ren’s face.


The light outside the window felt extremely hot and bright. Ye Zhi laid on the ground and raised her head slightly. She seemed to see the light flickering slightly.


Amidst the flickering light, Ye Zhi heard Gu Ren’s charming and familiar voice coming clearly from above her.


“Ye Zhi, I’ll give you my answer now.”


Ye Zhi’s eyes widened as she stared fixedly at Gu Ren. She couldn’t help but perk up inside.


Gu Ren’s body leaned in, but he didn’t come any closer. His two black pupils stared unblinkingly at Ye Zhi as he slowly spat out a few words.


“Ye Zhi, you passed.”


Gu Ren’s words carried an extremely deep joy to them. “You’ve also greatly exceeded my expectations.”


Ye Zhi relaxed and immediately smiled.


Then, Ye Zhi returned to her previous calmness. Gu Ren also didn’t leave. Neither of them said a word. The light was as blazing as before, but it left behind a tiny quiet comfort.



《Perfect Couple》was about to record the first episode, so Ye Zhi and Gu Ren needed to hurry to the site. The male guests would wait at the venue first while the female guests would appear on the scene one by one.


Gu Ren was particularly eye-catching among the male guests standing there. His figure was both tall and straight, like a cold fir tree with snow falling around it. 


The female guests hadn’t appeared yet. The plan was for them to get out of their cars one by one as the cars stopped.


The first car drove over and stopped. The car door popped open, as the first person that came out was Amanda. She was a  famous model, who was known for her thin and tall figure, as well as her delicate, pretty face. 


Amanda walked forward and greeted the male guests. Then, she stood over to the side.


After a while, the second car arrived. The person who got out was Yue Ling. She was wearing skin tight sportswear that outlined her figure nicely.


After her, one after another, came the model Jane and Sheng Man.


Then, the last car arrived. This was the last female guest. Everyone looked towards the car, and Gu Ren also stared fixedly at the car.


Ye Zhi got out of the car and walked forward, greeting everyone. When she saw Gu Ren, she nodded at him.


This was the first time Song Lie had seen Ye Zhi and Sheng Man in the same frame up close. Unexpectedly, Song Lie had an inconceivable thought.


He actually felt that Sheng Man was completely beaten by Ye Zhi.

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