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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 162

Edited By Adrian

Translated by LiLi041

The female guests were standing opposite the male guests. Ye Zhi coincidentally happened to be standing across from Gu Ren. As soon as she looked up, their eyes would meet.


But Ye Zhi behaved very appropriately. She knew that she couldn’t meet eyes with Gu Ren. Otherwise, when the show aired, everyone would scold her again.


Gu Ren raised his head. His gaze flitted across Ye Zhi’s body lightly before drifting away. He withdrew his gaze, pretending that his line of sight had just landed on her inadvertently.


The words that Ye Zhi had said before they set off for the show had appeared in Gu Ren’s mind again.


At home, she had strongly requested that in order to avoid arousing suspicion, when the time came to choose partners, the two shouldn’t become each other’s partner.


The corners of Gu Ren’s mouth curled upward slightly. She didn’t want to be partners with him, right?


 He lowered his eyes with a pensive expression.


Yue Ling stood next to Ye Zhi and stared unblinkingly at Gu Ren. She had long decided to pick Gu Ren as her partner when the time came.


Gu Ren was handsome, capable, and was an extremely hot topic. If she could become partners with him, she would definitely become the champion and would become even more popular.


Program Host: “We’ll start choosing partners in a bit. Before we choose partners, everyone can say a few words.”


Sheng Man: “I hope that my partner and I can get first place in this episode.” Sheng Man didn’t bother to conceal her desire to win at all.


Next to speak was Yue Ling, who said, “In order to participate in this program, I specially exercised for a month.”


Naturally, Yue Ling was lying. She only said this to make everyone think that she was very hardworking.


Ye Zhi glanced at Yue Ling. Yue Ling still looked the same as before. Her arms were very slender and weren’t very defined at all.


Each guest said a few words. Afterwards, the host said, “Now, we’ll start to choose partners. I’ll draw lots to decide who can choose their partner first. The person who’s been chosen has the right to refuse.”


The host pulled out a slip of paper. He opened it and announced the name. “Yue Ling is the first to choose a partner.”


Yue Ling was very surprised. She immediately looked towards Gu Ren and said, “Gu Ren…”


Gu Ren watched her with an indifferent expression. Yue Ling took a deep breath, feeling both nervous and expectant. “…can you partner with me?”


As her voice fell, the atmosphere immediately became silent.


Everyone turned their heads, their gazes landing on Yue Ling simultaneously. Everyone’s thoughts were churning. Yue Ling was really audacious, actually directly asking for Gu Ren to be her partner.


Gu Ren was indeed outstanding, but he had a very cold nature. He also had a huge fan base. So if some of the female stars had the same idea to become his partner, they didn’t dare put it forward so brazenly.


They just didn’t know how Gu Ren would respond.


Ye Zhi lowered her head, hiding her expression.


Gu Ren looked at Yue Ling with his face still as cold as before. The sunlight fell upon his face, haloing him with a noble appearance.


Gu Ren looked at Yue Ling with coldness. His gaze shifted slightly, seamlessly landing on Ye Zhi before moving away without batting an eye.


Yue Ling looked nervously at Gu Ren. Although she felt some apprehension inside, she still felt that Gu Ren wouldn’t refuse a girl like her.


Gu Ren would definitely agree.


However in the next second, Gu Ren opened his mouth, causing his thin lips to part lightly. He said in a very serene tone, “Sorry.”


It was just one short word, but it clearly meant one thing. Gu Ren had refused Yue Ling without a shred of hesitation.


From the moment Yue Ling called Gu Ren’s name to the time Gu Ren refused her, his expression hadn’t changed in the slightest from beginning to end.

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