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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 164

Edited By Adrian

Translated by LiLi041

As soon as Gu Ren’s voice fell, everyone present was shocked. Sheng Man, who was standing next to Ye Zhi, couldn’t control the expression of her face at all.


However, the person who was the most shocked was Ye Zhi. She thought that Gu Ren wouldn’t choose her because they had already discussed this at home.


But unexpectedly, Gu Ren called out her name. Ye Zhi hadn’t returned to her senses even after a long time. But when she noticed that Gu Ren had been constantly staring in her direction, she restrained her surprise and walked to Gu Ren’s side.


Since Ye Zhi had been picked, Sheng Man and Song Lie naturally became partners.


Sheng Man’s feelings were indescribable. She thought that if it was between Ye Zhi and her, Gu Ren would choose her no matter what. She didn’t expect that she would be the leftover person.


She was totally unwilling to believe that she lost to Ye Zhi.


Song Lie was the one who was in the best mood among them. After he saw that Ye Zhi had been chosen, he smiled and nodded towards Gu Ren, thanking him for his action.


When they were choosing partners just now, Gu Ren was thinking about how to become partners with Ye Zhi without attracting attention.


Unexpectedly, Song Lie suggested it first when he whispered to Gu Ren just then. He wanted to pursue Sheng Man, so he asked Gu Ren for help.


Naturally, Gu Ren agreed. He noticed Ye Zhi’s surprise, but he could only explain it to her after the shoot.


The host had also been taken aback by this series of changes, but he quickly came back to his senses. “The partners have all been decided, so we will now proceed to the first event.”


“The show has considerately prepared some healthy food for the guests. The faster a group finishes eating, the earlier they can set off for the next place.”


All the groups stood in their designated position. In front of every group was an empty table. The healthy food mentioned by the host hadn’t been served yet.


A second later, staff members walked over, each holding a large bowl with ten lemons each.


The guests were stunned. Would their teeth still be usable after they ate ten lemons?


As soon as Gu Ren saw the lemons, he turned his head and said to Ye Zhi, “You eat two. I’ll eat the rest.”


Gu Ren only tilted his head slightly. His gaze didn’t even fall on Ye Zhi. He looked like he was just talking to his partner.


Ye Zhi wanted to cooperate perfectly with Gu Ren. She looked sternly at the lemons in front of her, keeping her eyes trained on them. “No, we’ll each take half.”


Only then did Gu Ren glance at Ye Zhi. Taking into consideration the surrounding cameras, he didn’t stop her.


Sheng Man and Song Lie happened to be standing beside Ye Zhi. Sheng Man had always been paying attention to Gu Ren’s actions. When she saw the two of them whispering, her eyes darkened.


However, Song Lie was entirely focused on Sheng Man. “I’ll eat them all. You don’t have to eat them.”


Sheng Man didn’t feel a single ounce of gratitude towards Song Lie, but because she was in front of the cameras, she still softly murmured a word of agreement.


The host announced, “3, 2, 1, start! Let the competition begin!!!!”


As soon as the whistle blew, all the guests picked up a lemon in front of them at the same time and quickly took their first bite. Unsurprisingly, all of them grimaced.


The sourness was too much to bear for the others, but Ye Zhi just frowned and glanced at the lemon. “It doesn’t seem to be that sour.”


Compared with the others, who were grimacing due to the sourness, Gu Ren simply frowned as he ate the lemon in his hand, still as elegant as before.


Gu Ren’s tolerance had always been high. He’d eaten more unpalatable things during filming in the past.

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