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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 165

Edited By Adrian

Translated by LiLi041

When Gu Ren heard Ye Zhi’s reply, he turned to look at her. He found that she had finished eating the first lemon and had moved on to her next one without any change in her facial expression.


Gu Ren asked with some worry, “Are you okay?” He was worried that Ye Zhi was just trying to act brave.


Though Gu Ren was also eating without stopping, he wasn’t as fast as Ye Zhi. Before he realised it, half of the lemons in the bowl had already disappeared.


Ye Zhi picked up the next lemon and replied with a smile, “They’re really delicious. I’ll help you eat the rest.”


Gu Ren didn’t want Ye Zhi to help him eat them, so he sped up and worked hard to finish the lemons with Ye Zhi.


Song Lie didn’t have such a good partner as Gu Ren. When the game started, Sheng Man only took out a lemon symbolically and nibbled on it because she was worried about the cameras.


The rest fell on Song Lie. He couldn’t control his expression at all. He ate them with a pained expression on his face. On top of that, he was forced to listen to Sheng Man urging him to go faster.


“Hurry up. Ye Zhi and Gu Ren are about to finish.”


Song Lie could only squeeze a tiny bit of time to take a look in Ye Zhi’s direction. He saw Ye Zhi quickly moving to her last lemon and began to eat it.


While Song Lie was dealing with the citric acid, a thought popped into his mind. He was first attracted to Sheng Man because of her proud character, but now he was also being tortured by it.


“Done!” Ye Zhi shouted as she finished the last lemon.


The first group to finish eating was Gu Ren and Ye Zhi. Their speed surpassed the other groups by far.


In addition to Sheng Man, who had been paying attention to Ye Zhi’s movements the whole time, Yue Ling had also been staring in her direction from the start.


When Yue Ling asked Gu Ren to be her partner, she had high expectations in her heart. She thought that Gu Ren would partner with her because she was the best choice among all of the female guests.


Unexpectedly, Gu Ren rejected her, only to end up choosing Ye Zhi. At that time, she felt extremely angry. After all, she had been the only one to actively choose Gu Ren.


Yue Ling watched Ye Zhi’s performance from the beginning by sneaking glances at her from time to time as she was curious to find out what was so special about Ye Zhi.


On the other side, Xiong Ting was suffering as he ate the lemons. He almost cried when he saw Yue Ling in a dazed state and immediately tried to snap her out of it.


“Eat quicker. Why are you looking at other people?”


Xiong Ting had always been a straightforward person. His words were also loud, making everyone else look over.


Yue Ling’s face turned red and she immediately retracted her gaze. She cursed Ye Zhi in her heart while immersing herself in the bitterness.


When Ye Zhi said that they had finished the task, the host came over to verify before announcing that they could proceed to the next task.


Sheng Man could only helplessly watch as Gu Ren and Ye Zhi walked out the door together, leaving her behind.


There were several black cars parked outside with the words “Perfect Couple” painted on them. The program team had prepared cars and chauffeurs for every team.


Gu Ren and Ye Zhi chose a car. To avoid suspicions, one sat in the front seat and the other in the back seat.


Ye Zhi told the chauffeur the next task location.


They had to go to the mall to complete an unknown task.

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