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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 166

Edited By Adrian

Translated by LiLi041

Every chauffeur chosen for the show was an enthusiastic fan who had been recruited by the program group. Everyone knew that this was a competitive program that was based on speed.


So the chauffeurs had to help the players get to the next place as soon as possible.


There were several different routes to the mall. The driver chose the shortest route, started the car, and drove through the traffic.


Although the route was the shortest, it was also the most crowded in terms of traffic.


The driver hadn’t taken that into consideration. So a few minutes later, Gu Ren and Ye Zhi were stuck in traffic halfway to the mall.


Seeing that time was passing very quickly, Ye Zhi couldn’t help feeling a little nervous. In this kind of show, not a single second could be wasted.


Gu Ren’s clear voice rang out from the passenger seat. “It’s fine.”


Ye Zhi looked up and met Gu Ren’s eyes in the central rearview mirror. His eyes were dark and deep, but they were like the sunshine and breeze outside the window, soothing her state of mind.


“The traffic jam won’t affect us.” Gu Ren’s voice was slow as he gazed at her through the mirror.


Somehow, it seemed like Ye Zhi had calmed down.


After being stuck in traffic for twenty minutes, the car continued to drive forward. However, Ye Zhi’s mood had already stabilized.


When they arrived at the mall, all the other guests who had already arrived looked at them.


Their group had obviously been the first to set off, but due to the traffic jam, they arrived in the middle of the pack. There was nothing that could be done. Luck was also very important in this game.


Ye Zhi didn’t care about the looks from the others. After she received the task card with Gu Ren, she read the content carefully.


The task, this time was:【Can you recognize what brands these are?】


A table was set up in the middle of the mall. It was filled with pictures of necklaces, rings, skirts, and women’s bags.


The brands of these products were written below the pictures. The guests had to go inside and walk around to remember the brand corresponding to the right product.


After the guests leave, the crew would randomly assign a few products to them and ask them to find the brand’s location in the mall.


Completing this task required not only memorization skills but also some luck.


However, only one guest per group could go memorize the products. The other person would have to wait outside.


After Ye Zhi and Gu Ren read the task card, they looked at each other. They both thought of the same point by chance.


During their contract marriage period, Ye Zhi had come into contact with lots of expensive brands in order to help Gu Ren spend money to prevent disasters. It would come in handy in this event.


Ye Zhi knew that most of the photos this time were of women’s merchandise. Some of them might be difficult to tell apart for Gu Ren.


Ye Zhi didn’t hesitate at all. Her attitude was very determined. “I’ll do it this time.”


“Okay,” Gu Ren replied. “After you finish memorizing, I’ll help you find the brand’s location.”


The two of them worked together, splitting up the work so that they could save energy. There was still more work waiting for them at the other events.


When Ye Zhi entered, Sheng Man and Yue Ling were already inside. They were busy memorizing the brands in the photos. The difference was that Sheng Man’s expression was lazy, while Yue Ling’s was quite serious.


When the guests who came in after her saw how many photos there were, they inevitably began to panic.


Whereas Ye Zhi simply scanned the photos quietly one by one, they evoked memories in her brain. All the memories related to the products in the photos appeared in her mind.


The Bulgari necklace was a world-wide limited edition product. Gu Ren’s mother had bought one before and given it to her.


The Dior saddle bag was a classic design that became a trend after it appeared in the American drama “S** and the City”.


There was a Fendi Selleria handbag, first designed in the 1930’s…

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