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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 167

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Ye Zhi was easily able to remember some of the pictures, thanks to the help of her memories. For the products which she had never seen before, she remembered them on the basis of their special characteristics as every brand had a certain uniqueness to it.


Ye Zhi felt that she had almost remembered all of the items, so she went outside to find a crew member.


She happened to see Sheng Man standing there, looking at the five pictures taken out by the staff. Song Lie, her team member, was also beside her.


While looking at the pictures, Sheng Man’s lips curled upward and she headed towards the shopping mall soon after.


Without a doubt, everyone felt that this stage was tailor-made for Sheng Man.


The reality show 《Sheng Man’s Life》 had caused a lot of discussion on the Internet since its inception.


In the show, Sheng Man would lavishly spend money, showing off her luxurious home, cars, bags, camera and many other things… She had been exposed to these kinds of things since she was a child and definitely a greater understanding of the different brands.


“Isn’t it too easy?” Sheng Man smiled, “I have several Chanel’s python leather bags.”


She looked at the everyone around her as a strong desire to show off began to burn in her heart again. She seemed to have already regarded this show as her own reality show.


“This…” Sheng Man frowned after walking around the mall for some time. Although she had seen the pictures, she couldn’t remember what brand they were from.


Sheng Man thought for a long time before giving up. The model Jane kindly reminded her: “Sheng Man, one of them was Anna Su brand.”


Sheng Man sneered. She lowered her voice and curled her lips: “I don’t buy Anna Su very much.”


The staff didn’t hear the conversation, but Jane’s expression became a bit awkward. Ye Zhi saw that the atmosphere was not right, so she hurried over and offered to take 5 pictures herself.


Gu Ren walked over and helped Ye Zhi hold the pictures in his hand: “You should first determine which brands these five are. After that, we will locate the stores.”


Ye Zhi looked at the pictures and answered after searching her memory, “Hermes, Loewe, Bottega, Bulgari….”


Ye Zhi was able to reply quickly and fluently. She only paused for a while on the last picture, “This should be Dior’s square-neck suspender skirt.”


After hearing the dialogue between Ye Zhi and Gu Ren, the other guests were all shocked and looked back at Ye Zhi.


What’s happening? Why is Ye Zhi able to name the brands so quickly? Is it because she has a strong memory?


“I’m not sure about the last one.” Ye Zhi was a little nervous.


“Let’s go to these stores first. At worst, we will just start all over again.” Gu Ren was still calm and his unruffled voice calmed Ye Zhi’s nerves.


“When you went to memorize the brand, I had already roughly memorized the locations of the stores in the mall.” Gu Ren planned the shortest route and Ye Zhi just had to follow him.


Loewe, Bulgari, Hermes, Bottega, and finally came to Dior.


When Dior’s sales assistant saw Gu Ren, she resisted the urge to ask him for an autograph and started to show the dresses seriously. She told Ye Zhi that the square-neck suspender skirt she described was not of Dior brand.


Ye Zhi remembered wrong.


It’s because of the high level of similarity between the two dresses. Although the pattern and colors were slightly different, they were of the same style.


Ye Zhi frowned slightly. She blamed herself and squeezed her fists. Gu Ren wanted to get close to her, but the cameraman was right beside her.


“It’s okay.” Gu Ren said in a low but clear voice, “Let’s do it again. I believe in you.”

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