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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 169

Edited By Adrian

The staff member said: “Song Lie and his partner have already attempted the challenge twice, but still have not succeeded.”


Song Lie wasn’t even able to hit a single balloon.


Ye Zhi looked at Gu Ren: “This task looks somewhat difficult.” 


Not only did the challenger have to be blindfolded, but they had to hit all four balloons in a row.


Gu Ren pondered for a moment before saying: “Let’s give it a try.”


Ye Zhi suddenly thought of something and spoke her mind: “I want to try challenging this task.”


What went through Ye Zhi’s mind wasn’t whether Gu Ren would be able to hit all the balloons or not, but Ye Zhi was instead worried that if Gu Ren was blindfolded, wouldn’t he feel like he was trapped in the darkness.


Gu Ren’s night blindness was very severe, would he feel uneasy about being blindfolded?


Gu Ren shook his head: “No, I’ll do it.”


Ye Zhi was worried that Gu Ren didn’t understand what she was getting at, so she suddenly blurted out: “Keep in mind that when your eyes are blindfolded, although it is dark, it is not truly the same as nighttime.”


Ye Zhi’s sentence sounded vague and cryptic, so no one around them quite understood what it meant. The meaning was only clear between the two of them.


Ye Zhi was reminding Gu Ren that he wouldn’t be able to see anything, but it wasn’t the same as being wrapped in the darkness of the night. Meaning he didn’t need to worry about the task.


Gu Ren understood what she meant in an instant and his eyes shook a bit, “I understand.”


Gu Ren raised his hand, pointed to his ear, and said something meaningful: “The task is about judging by hearing, not by sight.”


Ye Zhi knew that Gu Ren understood what she meant and she felt a little relieved.


There was nothing wrong with the two of them chatting a little with each other. After all, Gu Ren was Ye Zhi’s partner. She couldn’t be blamed for conversing with him before he went into challenging a task.


Now that they agreed that Gu Ren would take up the challenge, Ye Zhi had to go have her voice recorded. She went to the recording studio and recorded a sentence after a moment of thought.


Ye Zhi said: “Gu Ren, I’m here.”


I’m here for you even if it’s dark, there is no reason for you to be afraid.


Ye Zhi finished her recording and returned to the venue. Gu Ren was getting prepared in front of her by the wall. She stood some distance away and watched him.


Gu Ren received a black cloth strip from one of the crew. He slowly brought up the black cloth and covered his eyes with it.


The moment he covered his eyes with the cloth, he was plunged into darkness. Not only light, but even the sounds around him seemed far away.


Gu Ren raised his hand and placed it over one of his eyes. When he touched it lightly, the fabric felt a bit rough and the texture was extremely thick.


The black cloth which was completely opaque made him feel like he was stuck in the darkness of the night without a trace of any light.


Gu Ren started to recall some past events. When he first learned that he had night blindness, his heart was instantly filled with anxiety and trepidation.


However, he recalled what Ye Zhi said earlier. She told him that he was just participating in some task, that it was not really night time.


Thinking about this, Gu Ren gradually calmed down.

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