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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 170

Edited By Adrian

In the case of temporary loss of vision, the sense of hearing could become extremely sharp and any subtle sounds could easily be captured.


At that moment, a male voice suddenly came out from one of the speakers: “Please get ready, the challenge will commence immediately.”


The surroundings instantly became extremely quiet before Ye Zhi’s booming voice came out the speaker in the upper left corner. Her voice was gentle and crystal clear.


“Gu Ren, I’m here.”


Gu Ren’s heart shook vividly. The phrase “Gu Ren, I am here” seemed to punch through the condensed darkness and dispel all his anxiety.


Gu Ren understood why Ye Zhi recorded such a sentence. She understood his state of mind and anxiety.


Gu Ren could even imagine the look on Ye Zhi’s face when she spoke into the microphone. She must have been afraid that he wouldn’t be able to overcome his fear of darkness.


So how could he disappoint her?


Gu Ren tilted his head and seriously tried to recall the direction from which Ye Zhi’s voice came from just now. After a few seconds, Gu Ren raised his hand and pointed the gun to the upper left hand corner.


Gu Ren held the gun straight, but did not pull the trigger. His arms remained in place, hanging in the air, maintaining his current posture.


Gu Ren recalled the sound again and frowned. According to his memories, It should be in this direction, but his intuition was telling him that it felt off.


As his vision was blocked by the cloth, he could only rely on his intuition and sharp hearing to judge where Ye Zhi’s voice had just come from.


Gu Ren’s thin lips pursed tightly and he simply decided to gamble this time. Win or lose would now depend on this.


At that moment, Gu Ren’s hand moved up slightly. There was almost no difference to the naked eye. Only Gu Ren himself knew that he had changed direction slightly.


At that moment, the speaker on the ceiling sounded a warning, reminding Gu Ren that if he didn’t shoot in time it would be considered as giving up.


The cold mechanical voice sounded: “5… 4…”


Ye Zhi’s heartbeat sped up. She was worried that Gu Ren was suffering because of night blindness. It had caused him to fall into panic so he did not shoot.


She suggested that she should do the task, but Gu Ren refused her. If she had known earlier this would happen, she would have tried her best to stop him.


Ye Zhi was really worried. Her palms were covered in sweat.


Time passed quickly, as the cold mechanical female voice continued to count down: “3… 2…” If Gu Ren didn’t shoot within 1 second, it would be considered his defeat!


In the next second, Gu Ren’s index finger bent slightly and squeezed the trigger. With a “bang”, the blue balloon in the upper left hand corner instantly burst.


Gu Ren won his gamble and hit the mark.


If Gu Ren’s hands shifted even a little bit further, he would have missed. However, Gu Ren didn’t make any mistakes and hit the balloon accurately.


Ye Zhi showed a slight smile.


Gu Ren had no time to think whether he hit the right balloon or not. As at that moment, the sound of Ye Zhi’s voice came from a different speaker.


Gu Ren tilted his head and listened attentively. Ye Zhi’s clear voice once again flew into his ears, “Gu Ren, I am here.”


It had the same tone. This time, the sound came from the speaker in the upper right hand corner.


Gu Ren lowered his head slightly. Although his eyes were looking down, his hand slowly raised, pointing to the upper right hand corner.

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