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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 171

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Gu Ren adjusted his aim slightly. This time, he didn’t hesitate for long and quickly fired. The bullet pierced through the air and directly hit the blue balloon under the speaker.


Gu Ren successfully hit the second target.


When Gu Ren was going through the challenge, Song Lie and Sheng Man were still there watching. They had failed the task twice, so they were not allowed to go to the next task venue just yet.


They were getting ready to try again after Gu Ren’s turn.


Song Lie didn’t think that Gu Ren would succeed in the challenge on his first attempt, but when he saw Gu Ren hit two balloons in succession, he became restless.


Song Lie’s expression sank to the bottom of the sea. Would Gu Ren be able to hit all the remaining balloons on his first go? This was simply impossible for him to believe.


One of the rules for the task was that if you failed to hit any of the four target balloons, the attempt would be considered a failure. How could Gu Ren complete such a task so easily with these rules?


He firmly believed that Gu Ren would fail.


After Sheng Man saw Gu Ren hit the balloons, she felt that Gu Ren was very capable and felt it was a pity that he was not her partner.


Sheng Man glanced at Song Lie with her eyes full of disgust. Unexpectedly, Song Lie was useless, he couldn’t even hit a single balloon and had no chance to win at all.


While all sorts of thoughts were going through the minds of onlookers, Gu Ren was still standing in the center of the room, blindfolded. In the silence, another “Gu Ren, I’m here” sounded.


Gu Ren raised his hand once again. Without a second of delay, the sound of shot ran again and the blue balloon in the lower right hand corner popped into pieces.


The faces of Sheng Man and Song Lie turned ugly, while Ye Zhi’s lips curled upward in a smile.


Gu Ren knew that there was one balloon left and he had to take the task more seriously. Ye Zhi’s nice voice resounded from the speaker in the lower left hand corner.


“Gu Ren, I’m here.”


Gu Ren raised the gun for a fourth time, his expression was still, but the corners of his lips had raised into a slight smile. Compared with the first time of uncertainty, this time, he was confident.


Gu Ren pulled the trigger with a calm smile on his face. The bullet pierced through air and hit the last balloon.


All of the four balloons were hit on the first try.


Afterwards Gu Ren took off the black cloth strip, the light immediately poured into his eyes. He subconsciously closed his eyes. When he adjusted to the light, he raised his head and looked at the wall full of balloons.


The balloons in all four directions were hit. As he expected, he won the bet.


Gu Ren turned around and met Ye Zhi’s eyes.


When Ye Zhi saw that Gu Ren succeeded in the task, she subconsciously wanted to run up to Gu Ren. However, she was on the show right now, so she couldn’t do such a thing.


Ye Zhi quickly walked over to Gu Ren. She looked at Gu Ren and couldn’t hide her surprise: “You succeeded!”


Gu Ren lowered his eyes to look at Ye Zhi and pursed his lips. He said with emphasis, “We succeeded!”


This task was indeed difficult. However, he was familiar enough with Ye Zhi and he could accurately recognize the location of her voice, so the problem was solved easily. 


Gu Ren’s eyes had a subtle but strange light flickering in them. How could he… not recognize where her voice was?


Gu Ren completely crushed the task. Afterwards, the crew member came over and told them that they passed, so they hurried to the next location.

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