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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money To Prevent Disasters Chapter 172

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After completing a few more tasks, they rushed to the final destination. The host of the show was waiting there for them.


When two people approached him, the host took a closer look and noticed that it was Gu Ren and Ye Zhi. The host said with a smile: “Congratulations, you are the first team to reach here.”


A little while later, the next team to reach the finish line was the Olympic champion Qian Hong and Liu Cong.


The third team who rushed over was Sheng Man and Song Lie. After seeing Gu Ren’s task, the two of them decisively gave up and rushed to another venue to complete the task. Fortunately, they didn’t waste too much time on that task.


Shan Qian, Xiang Heng, Yue Ling and Xiong Ting arrived one after another. The last ones to arrive was the team of models.


The first round was finally over. After the second round of the show was recorded, the team with the lowest combined score would be eliminated.


At the end of the first round, the show team asked the guests to stand together to take some pictures.


When set up for the pictures, the partners naturally stood together. The team of models, Shan Qian and Xiang Heng… Therefore, Ye Zhi and Gu Ren also stood together.


While everyone was trying to find a good position, Sheng Man directly ignored her partner Song Lie and stood in the middle of the group for the photo.


No one knew whether it was because Sheng Man habitually put herself in the most important position. But before anyone could do anything, she had already slipped to the centre position.


Just as Sheng Man stood in the centre position, she succeeded in getting everyone’s attention within no time.


From the gazes of Ye Zhi and Gu Ren, they seemed to be a little speechless, but they didn’t show it on their faces.


Xiong Ting, who was the most experienced person in the entertainment circle among the guests, his expression was complicated and not easy to express succinctly.


Yue Ling’s angry stare seemed to be saying: I made my debut before you. How dare you have the face to do this.


However, Sheng Man was not afraid of everyone’s stares. Her feet seemed to be firmly nailed to the ground. Regardless of the qualifications and status of the others, she wanted to occupy the most prominent position.


Centre position must belong to her.


When the guests were busy looking at Sheng Man, Gu Ren suddenly staggered a little and almost fell over.


Luckily, Ye Zhi was standing next to Gu Ren. Although the others did not notice, she was keenly aware of it. She bent down slightly and supported Gu Ren’s body with her hands.


After Gu Ren stabilized himself, his eyes met Ye Zhi’s solemn gaze. Gu Ren felt a little strange.


Ye Zhi looked at Gu Ren. She stretched out her slender finger and slowly pointed to the ground. Gu Ren looked in the direction of Ye Zhi’s finger and was slightly startled.


On the ground not far from Gu Ren was a protruding nail for some reason. It’s very inconspicuous. No one would be able to find it unless they looked very closely.


If Gu Ren had fallen down, he would have been stabbed by the nail. The situation would have gotten very serious.


Ye Zhi raised her head to meet Gu Ren’s gaze. Both of them looked very solemn. The nail, which appeared without any reason, left a shadow in their hearts.


Luckily no one noticed the movements of Ye Zhi and Gu Ren. As the pictures were about to be taken.


After the shooting, the photos were posted on the Internet. The netizens immediately got angry and started scolding. Most of the people’s thoughts could be summarized in one sentence.


Sheng Man how dare she stand in the centre position, what is her identity? Are all the other people present dead?

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