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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money to Prevent Disasters Chapter 18

T/N: Fleeting Cloud    E/D: Lie & Nyx
After sister Zhu hung up, it didn’t take long before Ye Zhi received a message from her, “Your greeting has been posted by the team.”


Reading this, Ye Zhi’s heart sank. That right, sister Zhu and the people in the agency had her Weibo password. They had long decided that even if she didn’t agree, they would do it on her behalf.


Ye Zhi’s Weibo account was immediately flooded with curses.


“Is Ye Zhi trying to curry Emperor Gu’s favor?”


“Could you please stop haunting my idol? Leave him alone!”


“Ye Zhi, come out and quickly apologize. Don’t pretend to be dead and say that you just want to greet our idol or you will suffer!”


Ye Zhi read the comments and smiled bitterly. She had long known what their reaction would be after this Weibo post.


However, the whole cast in the TV series gave him greetings. If she didn’t greet him, she would be chided.


But if she did, the netizens would not hold back in berating her because they would think that she was once again trying to scam Gu Ren.


Ye Zhi thought that if she continued to stay  in this agency, it would not only affect her reputation but they would also involve Gu Ren by any means.


After getting along with Gu Ren these days, she thought that Gu Ren was a very good person. She also didn’t want to scam and use his name anymore.


After pondering for a while, Ye Zhi’s eyes became calm and firm. She must terminate her contract with the company at any cost.


Meanwhile, Gu Ren was reading his script when he took out his mobile phone and checked on it. He noticed that Ye Zhi wished him happy birthday on Weibo and the comments below were full of curses.


Gu Ren stared at it for a while as if he was thinking of something. Afterwards, Gu Ren’s eyes moved slightly and his long fingers clicked on the screen.


Cheng Qi, his manager, was surprised and asked, “Gu Ren, have you posted something on Weibo?”


Cheng Qi looked back at his mobile phone. Gu Ren had just posted something a few seconds ago. The content of the Weibo post didn’t say much, just two simple words.


“Thank you.”


But it was enough to surprise Cheng Qi because Gu Ren rarely posted something on Weibo. He usually worked and rarely posted on social media. In addition, he had been busy filming these months so only a handful of Weibo posts were published recently.


Just now Gu Ren not only posted on Weibo but in the delicate moment where Ye Zhi was being scolded by netizens, he replied to her greeting.


Although Cheng Qi thought that something was wrong, he told himself that he must be thinking too much. At this time, Gu Ren’s cold voice suddenly sounded.


“The comments below Ye Zhi’s Weibo post, you go deal with it.”


Cheng Qi subconsciously nodded. But a second later, he was completely stunned and looked at Gu Ren incredulously, “…You want to help… Ye Zhi?!”


Gu Ren wanted him to remove the comments on Ye Zhi’s Weibo because there were so many people who scolded her.


Cheng Qi couldn’t understand one thing. Why is Gu Ren helping a female star who was deliberately using him?


Gu Ren didn’t explain further. He put down his mobile phone aside, picked up the script and started to read it again.


Gu Ren’s expression was indifferent as if he was not the one who helped Ye Zhi just now.


Although Cheng Qi didn’t understand Gu Ren’s motive, he didn’t dare to question him. He asked the team to buy an internet water army and help Ye Zhi speak on Weibo.



At last, the curses on Ye Zhi stopped.


Under the operation of Gu Ren’s team on Weibo, the fans who were crazily dissing Ye Zhi just now had been completely distracted.


Did Gu Ren, who was extremely low-key, posted something on Weibo even if they were just two words?


Although two words were extremely short, it caused a sensation on the internet and set off a huge wave in the hearts of fans. Why did Gu Ren suddenly post something on Weibo?


And for whom did he say ‘thank you’?


For the crew? Fans? Or was it for a specific person?
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