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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money to Prevent Disasters Chapter 19

T/N: Fleeting Cloud    E/D: Lie & Nyx
After the Weibo incident, no matter what happened in the social media Gu Ren did not respond to any of it and just devoted himself to the shooting.


During the whole filming process, Gu Ren always wore the Patek Philippe watch gifted by Ye Zhi. He would only take it off when it’s his turn to act and let his assistant keep it.


After shooting his scene, Gu Ren would put his watch back on again.


Supporting actors like Ye Zhi wouldn’t have the chance to act with the leading actors at close range so she did not have too many interactions with Gu Ren on the set.


Today, Ye Zhi came early. In this scene, Ye Zhi needed to be suspended by cables to a certain height.


Ye Zhi only had a few seconds of exposure as a supporting role, most of it would focus on Gu Ren.


In the story, Gu Ren was being chased by a group of experts from Jianghu. He faced many assassins but still managed to escape.


Ye Zhi’s role was to observe him from a high place. Although there were only a few scenes of her, it did not feel good to be suspended up there by cables and hooks for quite some time.


Ye Zhi was suspended in mid-air during the filming and the harness was tightly bound around her waist. She was really uncomfortable but she still didn’t move around and carefully adjusted her position.


At this time, Gu Ren had finished changing his costume and came over.


Gu Ren was wearing a black changpao. The clothes perfectly fit his strong and thin body, making his figure more slender and straight.


Gu Ren’s face was expressionless and his eyes were calm. His hand was on his waist holding a sword. The sword was still in its scabbard but it seemed to be so sharp that it could cut through people’s throat easily.


It was reasonable to say that even if Gu Ren and Ye Zhi appeared in the same frame, Gu Ren would not have any intersection with Ye Zhi at all.


When Gu Ren walked by, he raised his head and glanced over at Ye Zhi as if it was just a casual move.


The people on the set would never think of Gu Ren and Ye Zhi together. They all knew that Ye Zhi was scolded by fans after she sent a birthday wish to Gu Ren on Weibo just a few days ago.


They only thought that Gu Ren just raised his head unintentionally, not deliberately.


The director shouted to start. Gu Ren stood in the middle of the encirclement, but Gu Ren still seemed to be indifferent as if the one who was surrounded was not him.


It was a very difficult scene and the director had even made arrangements to shoot for so many times. But to everyone’s surprise, Gu Ren’s actions and emotions were completely immersed in the plot.


At the end of the scene, the director even called to stop one step later.


“Cut!” The director said with a smile, “Good take. Gu Ren, take a break first and shoot the next scene later.”


Gu Ren’s forehead was covered with a thin layer of sweat and his breathing was a little quick. He nodded to the director and went back to his seat.


The staff began to prepare for the next scene. Ye Zhi had also finished her part and was being lowered to the ground. Just as everyone was ready to leave, an accident happened.


One of the staff slowly let Ye Zhi down but when it reached halfway, the cable suddenly stopped and the harness tugged at Ye Zhi’s waist. (T/N: She is hanging in mid-air by cable.)


Ye Zhi wanted to bear the pain without making a sound, but the pain still made her groan a little.


Gu Ren who was just about to leave halted and immediately looked up at Ye Zhi. The next second, a panicked voice of staff sounded.


“The wire is about to break!”
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