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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money to Prevent Disasters Chapter 20

T/N: Fleeting Cloud    E/D: Lie & Nyx
Just as the voice fell, the cable supporting Ye Zhi’s waist loosened. After her body lost its support, she suddenly fell down.


Ye Zhi thought she was going to die in this studio today. She already helped Gu Ren spend lots of money.


Ye Zhi closed her eyes tightly as she fell sharply on the ground. The next second, she fell into a warm embrace and a familiar scent assaulted her nose.


Since the person caught Ye Zhi on time, she did not sustain serious injuries. However, the man who tried to save her was the one who bore the brunt of the fall.


Ye Zhi quickly rose up from the ground and turned to look at the man who saved her.


It’s Gu Ren.


Gu Ren’s back hit the ground and the severe pain made him unable to get up immediately.


Ye Zhi looked at Gu Ren’s pale face and immediately panicked, “Gu Ren, are you alright? Where does it hurt? Stay awake, you will be fine. Don’t lose your consciousness.”


Ye Zhi was so nervous that even her lips were trembling. She dared not to touch Gu Ren casually and only stayed next to him and talked to him carefully.


Seeing Ye Zhi panicked, Gu Ren could only shake his head a little to indicate that he was fine.


When the director and staff saw that Gu Ren and Ye Zhi had an accident, they quickly called the ambulance and it would arrive soon.


“Be careful not to touch the wound of Gu Ren,” said the crew member.


For a while, the whole studio was in panic and the first-aid personnel helped Ye Zhi and Gu Ren get into the ambulance and were sent to the hospital.


Ye Zhi’s full attention was on Gu Ren so she didn’t notice that there were bruises on her arm. Because her skin was fair, the wound looked even more horrible.


Because of Gu Ren’s accident, the schedule was disrupted. This matter could not be suppressed at all.


Not long after the accident, the news spread to the people of the entire entertainment industry and they knew that Gu Ren and Ye Zhi were injured while filming and were sent to the hospital.


When a reporter heard the news, he crouched down outside the hospital and was ready to get the first-hand information.


When the netizens came to know that Gu Ren was injured while saving Ye Zhi. They got furious. Not only Gu Ren’s fans but also the other netizens could not stand it anymore. They directly defined Ye Zhi as a pest.


Previously,  Ye Zhi didn’t pay attention to any comments the outside world had on her at all and she didn’t notice these at all now.


Even if Ye Zhi knew that the netizens would scold her to death when they saw her going to the hospital with Gu Ren, she would not be concerned with it.


Gu Ren was injured because of her. She must confirm Gu Ren’s safety.


The wounds on Gu Ren’s arm were soon bandaged and Gu Ren’s body was being examined.


Cheng Qi immediately went to the hospital to check up on Gu Ren and the whole crew was also paying attention to Gu Ren’s news.


Cheng Qi noticed Ye Zhi. He remembered what Gu Ren asked him to do the other day and his eyes showed a complicated look.


He was Gu Ren’s manager and wouldn’t meddle in his personal life. Moreover, it was none of his business if Ye Zhi was cursed by netizens.


The examination results came out.


“It’s not serious. It’s just that the back muscles are a little strained and need to rest for a few days.”


Everyone heaved a sigh of relief but soon doubts arose.


They all watched Gu Ren saved Ye Zhi. They thought that Gu Ren would be badly hurt if he landed on his back. Fortunately, it was just a muscle strain now.


Ye Zhi was ready to leave the hospital immediately after confirming that Gu Ren was fine. She just came to make sure that Gu Ren was fine. If she stayed in the hospital any longer, she didn’t know what the reporter would write about her.
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