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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money to Prevent Disasters Chapter 21


T/N: Fleeting Cloud    E/D: Lie & Nyx
Cheng Qi thoughtfully looked at Ye Zhi’s back as she left. With such a wonderful opportunity to boost her image and relationship with Gu Ren, Ye Zhi took the initiative to leave. No matter what was the reason, it was completely different from her previous actions.


Cheng Qi shook his head. He’d better pay attention to Gu Ren’s injury.


On her way home, she took out her mobile phone to inform the Gu family. Although Ye Zhi knew that Cheng Qi would call them to report the situation, she was worried that they would be anxious. So she decided to inform them first.


Gu Ren’s Grandfather already saw the news about Gu Ren’s accident on the internet and was on his way to the hospital.


When Ye Zhi and Gu Ren’s father talked about what happened, he comforted her and asked her not to worry too much.


Not long after she hung up the phone, Ye Zhi saw the news released by her agency.


【Gu Ren was injured to save Ye Zhi. Ye Zhi appeared in the hospital with Gu Ren】


There’s also a photo which was taken at the entrance of the hospital. In the photo, Ye Zhi was anxious when she accompanied Gu Ren to the hospital and there were several hospital staff following them behind.


In this photo, it seemed that Ye Zhi and Gu Ren were the protagonists in a movie. Everyone who saw the picture would subconsciously associate the two people together and thought that they were in a relationship.


Ye Zhi didn’t need to think what would happen when netizens saw this news. Although she would be scolded, netizens wouldn’t think that she and Gu Ren were in a relationship.


From the first look, Ye Zhi knew it was Sister Zhu’s doing. Her sudden anger could not be suppressed at all. Sister Zhu obviously wanted to make a fuss about Gu Ren’s injury and use it to gain popularity.


Not only Gu Ren was hurt because of her but he was also being used by her agency to gain popularity. What did they regard Gu Ren as?


If Sister Zhu found out that she had married Gu Ren, she would never let go of that chance to become famous in one strike. She did not want to cause anymore trouble to Gu Ren.


Ye Zhi’s face sank. She just wanted to call Sister Zhu but her mobile screen lit up in advance.


The name Sister Zhu flickered on the screen. Ye Zhi calmed down and pressed the answer button.


Without waiting for Ye Zhi to say a word, Sister Zhu opened her mouth first, “Ye Zhi, did you see the news? This time you did a good job, you will get a lot of popularity this time.”


Sister Zhu thought Ye Zhi’s disobedience a few days ago was just her illusion and thought that today’s events were carefully planned by Ye Zhi.


Then Ye Zhi said firmly, “I’m not going to work with you anymore. I’m going to terminate the contract with the company.”


Sister Zhu didn’t take Ye Zhi’s words to heart. Instead, she sneered, “You’re kidding, where would you have been today without me?”


“And let me remind you that the penalty for terminating the contract is 10 million Yuan. Can you afford it?”


As Ye Zhi’s manager, Sister Zhu knew Ye Zhi very well including her personal situation. She knew she couldn’t get much money from the small house left by her foster parents.


Ye Zhi was clear about Sister Zhu’s psychological attack, “We’ll see.”


Ye Zhi hung up the phone regardless of Sister Zhu’s thoughts. Ye Zhi clearly knew that she cannot afford to pay the penalty of 10 million Yuan.


At this time, Ye Zhi suddenly thought of the two cards in her wallet. One was given by Gu Ren’s mother and the other was given by Gu Ren.


She had never checked the exact amount inside.


For the first time, Ye Zhi thought of using the money in the cards for her self-interest.

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