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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money to Prevent Disasters Chapter 22


T/N: Fleeting Cloud    E/D: Lie & Nyx
The news published by Ye Zhi’s agency really attracted a lot of netizens.


However, everyone thought that this post was issued by Ye Zhi. Naturally, the purpose was to get attention.


“She even tried to take advantage of Gu Ren’s injuries. Was she still a human?”


The fans didn’t care whether it was her company’s doing or not. They had put everything on Ye Zhi’s head.


“This news made me understand what having no bottom line means. Looks like Gu Ren’s injuries have something to do with Ye Zhi but she still wanted to take advantage of him. It’s too much!”


“Have you seen the comments below that scold you? You have gotten the attention you have wanted. Please let go of our Gu Ren from now on. “


Ye Zhi took a look at Weibo and found that the post <Gu Ren is injured because of Ye Zhi> firmly held the first place in the top searches.


For more than ten minutes, Gu Ren’s technical team worked hard to remove the issue from the hot search. They didn’t want to have any more trouble when Gu Ren was already injured, and they didn’t want Ye Zhi to be scolded again.


Ye Zhi had a supporting role, there were not many scenes needed for her to take. Since she didn’t have a shooting today, she would have time to deal with her personal affairs.


Now that she came to this world, she must change the fate of the original ‘Ye Zhi’. If she wanted to get rid of her current reputation, the first step was to terminate her contract with the company.


According to her manager, she needed to pay 10 million Yuan as damage fee but Ye Zhi did not have so much money on hand at present.


When Ye Zhi and Gu Ren signed the contract, it stated that they had nothing to do with each other’s career. She didn’t want to use his money until she was left with no choice.


Ye Zhi first looked at the properties in her name. It was a 50 square meters house and an old car.


Ye Zhi recollected her previous address according to the memory of the original ‘Ye Zhi’. She gave the address to the driver and went to the place where the previous ‘Ye Zhi’ lived.


When they reached the place, the neighborhood was full of old residential buildings. The black Rolls-Royce that was parked on the street was attracting a lot of attention.


Ye Zhi asked the driver to go back first and found the original ‘Ye Zhi’s’ house by herself. She took out the key, turned the lock and the rusty door opened slowly.


The house was so small that you could get a full view at a glance. The things inside were already covered with layers of dust. No one would ever expect that an star had once lived here.


This 50 square meter small house was the only inheritance left by the adoptive parents to the original ‘Ye Zhi’. Before her adoptive parents died, their family of three lived here.


It was no wonder that the Song family would turn their back and force ‘Ye Zhi’ to back out from the marriage. The Song family wanted to cling to the Sheng family by taking advantage of the fact that Song Lie and Sheng Man were working together on a project.


After all, Sheng Man was the only ‘daughter’ of the Sheng family and ‘Ye Zhi’ was only an orphan without anything.


It was an old house and was starting to run-down, you could see it in its decoration and furnishings. Things were scattered everywhere on the ground.


But when Ye Zhi came in, she noticed a place inside the bedroom.


In the narrow bedroom, there was a wooden shelf which was not in line with the style of the whole room. On that simple shelf, there were bags; all from famous brands.
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