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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money to Prevent Disasters Chapter 23



T/N: Fleeting Cloud    E/D: Lie & Nyx
In the narrow bedroom, there was a wooden shelf which was not in line with the style of the whole room. On that simple shelf, there were bags from different designer brands.


Chanel 2.55 handbag, Dior bag, LV bag… even Prada’s wallet.


Although Ye Zhi was not famous, as a celebrity, it was necessary to wear luxury brands during occasions. Since her debut, all of her money had been used to buy these famous brands to maintain her public image.


Ye Zhi knew the importance of this house to ‘Ye Zhi’ and she couldn’t sell her things.


Ye Zhi looked at the designer bags in the bedroom and the high-heeled shoes scattered all over the place. She shook her head and let the house remain as it was.


Ironically, while Ye Zhi didn’t know how to gather funds needed for terminating the contract, the latest issue of “Sheng Man’s Life” was being played on-air.


In this episode, Sheng man showed her room.


Sheng Man’s wardrobe was bigger than the house that was under Ye Zhi’s name.


“I just rushed home after the announcement.” Sheng Man wore a Gucci skirt with delicate makeup on her face. She was holding the door knob with her left hand and smiling sweetly at the camera.


“I have received a lot of requests from fans who said they want to see my closet.” Sheng Man’s hand gently twisted the knob and the white door opened.


As Sheng Man opened this door, the ultimate dream of women was revealed.


White walls, white lights, each garment was neatly arranged in the cabinet, each pair of beautiful shoes were placed in the display cabinet.


The decoration of the wardrobe was very pompous and the joints of each cabinet were inlaid with diamonds. The diamonds looked incomparably beautiful as they shined brightly under the light.


Sheng Man secretly glanced at the host and the crew. when she saw the envious look on their faces, she bent her lips with satisfaction.


“Most of the clothes here are bought by me while some of them are sent by the brand I promote.” Sheng Man emphasized her identity as a little flower and turned around arrogantly. (T/N: Little flower – Someone who is well-known for her beauty) 


After going inside, there was a separate small room.


This was the legendary room for her Hermes bags collection.


“I have a wide collection of Hermes bags.” Sheng Man introduced her collection as she walked towards the glass shelf and stood on it’s side. .


Her Hermes bag collections were placed in a full glass display cabinet. 


“This one is Hermès Birkin Crocodile Bag. This one is Hermès Kelly Limited Edition made of ostrich skin. This is lizard skin Hermès Birkin Bag… and in all kinds of colors my most favorite is this one.”


Sheng Man introduced some of her favorite Hermes bags.


Sheng Man was holding a red Kelly bag when the host asked, “How many Hermes bags are there in this room?”


Sheng man was stunned and then she said with a smile, “I haven’t counted.”


Commotion broke out on the internet. Netizens and fans said that Sheng Man’s wardrobe was their ultimate dream.


“Never counted? Is it because Man’s family is too rich!”


“Who can estimate the value of this wardrobe?”


“There are tens of Hermes which are worth millions. Sheng Man is really rich! We really admire Sheng Man. “


Everyone on Weibo was talking about Sheng Man. The discussion on Weibo immediately created a rich and beautiful image of Sheng Man.


When other female stars were fighting for looks and strength, Sheng Man was unique, showing off her luxurious house and life to become popular.


Once “Sheng Man’s Life” was broadcast, it made Sheng Man’s image of “The Little Princess of the Plutocracy” deeply reflected in everyone’s heart.


This was the  strategy arranged for her by the agency under the instruction of Sheng Man.
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