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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money to Prevent Disasters Chapter 25

T/N: Fleeting Cloud    E/D: Lie & Nyx
Ye Zhi knew that in the current situation, she couldn’t express her guilt even if she said more. Ye Zhi secretly made up her mind, she must find a chance to repay Gu Ren in the future.


At this time, Ye Zhi remembered that she wanted to ask Gu Ren to borrow money. When she wanted to open her mouth, she hesitated again.


Gu Ren looked at Ye Zhi. Now she was nervous and cramped, she didn’t seem to know how to speak. There were worries between her eyebrows. (T/N: It means she was worried about something.)


He could see that she was worrying about something. She wanted to ask for help but she was hesitating to speak.


What would it be?


Gu Ren thought for a while and finally got the answer. He fixed his eyes on Ye Zhi. In the silence, he called her name.


“Ye Zhi.”


Ye Zhi looked up at Gu Ren whose voice was not high or low. “Let me ask you something.”


Ye Zhi looked at Gu Ren carefully. Gu Ren asked in a slow voice, “Tell me, what is your relationship with me now?”


Ye Zhi froze, why did he ask that?


Gu Ren’s eyes were calm but his gaze was like a fine net and dense which was covering her whole body.


When Gu Ren saw that Ye Zhi wasn’t speaking, his voice raised a little but his eyes always remained on Ye Zhi.


He said in a slow but high-pitch voice, “Answer me.”


Maybe it was because Gu Ren had been hurt. At the moment, his voice was a little hoarse.


Ye Zhi calmed down, “We are in partnership.”


Gu Ren asked with a smile, “Since we are partners, should you tell me if you have difficulties?”


Just as Ye Zhi was about to open her mouth, Gu Ren said again, “Second question, do you think Gu family has money?”


Ye Zhi nodded, “Very, very rich.”


Gu Ren’s father was the richest man. Gu Ren’s career had developed very well. She couldn’t think of anyone who had more money than Gu Ren.


When Ye Zhi thought of this, she suddenly understood Gu Ren’s intention of asking. He had already guessed that she wanted to ask him to borrow money.


He said so much to make her open her mouth without any worries. Suddenly, Ye Zhi’s heart fluttered with an unspeakable emotion.


Gu Ren then asked, “Mrs. Gu, what else do you have to worry about?”


Ye Zhi calmed down and said, “I want to terminate the contract with the company. The penalty is 10 million Yuan so I want to borrow 10 million Yuan from you.”


When Ye Zhi’s voice fell, Gu Ren quietly looked at Ye Zhi.


A few seconds later, Gu Ren’s thin lips curled upward and his tone softened, “The money in the card I gave you has exceeded tens of millions of dollars a few days ago.”


Gu Ren looked into Ye Zhi’s eyes and his clear voice sounded in the quiet room, spitting out the most charming four words in the world.


“Do as you please.”
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