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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money to Prevent Disasters Chapter 27

T/N: Fleeting Cloud    E/D: Lie & Nyx

What Ye Zhi didn’t know was that shortly after she entered the company, a car also arrived and parked downstairs. It was a Maybach 7-seater business car. The senior member of the Gu family’s company brought several top lawyers and several bodyguards with him.


Ye Zhi was a little nervous but her faith was very firm. Ye Zhi went to the door of Sister Zhu’s office and knocked. Sister Zhu said, “Come in.”


Sister Zhu saw Ye Zhi coming and frowned, “You have no schedule today. What are you doing here? Go home now. “


After Sister Zhu finished saying, she lowered her head and continued to do her work. She didn’t take into account the issue that Ye Zhi had mentioned before.


Ye Zhi sat down slowly and said, “I can’t come without a schedule?”


After Sister Zhu heard those words, she looked up at Ye Zhi. Suddenly she remembered their talk about the cancellation of Ye Zhi’s contract. At that time, Ye Zhi’s attitude was also very tough.


Ye Zhi looked at Sister Zhu. Her voice was extremely cold and she went directly to the subject, “I want to cancel the contract and I don’t want to be controlled by you anymore.”


When Ye Zhi’s words fell into Sister Zhu’s ears, she sneered.


Sister Zhu looked at Ye Zhi for a while and said sarcastically, “Let me remind you, do you know how much liquidated damages you will pay if you want to terminate the contract?”


Ye Zhi’s tone was calm, “Of course I know, ten million.”


Sister Zhu said coldly, “Since you know, you should also know that even if you sell yourself, you can’t take out 10 million!”


Sister Zhu said in a sinister tone, “If you can’t get the money, I can show you a way. There are a few bosses who really want to see you. You can go to a few dinners and maybe you can make good money. “


“Ye Zhi! Since I can promote you, I can also let you hit rock bottom!”


Ye Zhi had never participated in ‘the dinner’ since she started her career and her team was only responsible to use Gu Ren to hype. She couldn’t stand the false noble and virtuous appearance.


Faced with the threat of Sister Zhu, Ye Zhi didn’t frown. She stood up and spoke slowly.


“As soon as I debuted, you made me pester a top superstar in China. Even if I don’t want to, you let the staff control my social media accounts, publish fake posts on Weibo and made my reputation worse.”


Ye Zhi approached a few steps and said sarcastically, “Sister Zhu, this is how you promote me?”


Sister Zhu could not refute.


Ye Zhi went forward a few steps and said in an ice-cold voice, “If I don’t listen to you, I will not earn enough money. If you want me to accompany others to dinner and I don’t agree. You want to suppress me?”


“That’s what you mean to promote me?”


Ye Zhi smiled but it was ice-cold, “Sister Zhu, did you forget? I have always been at the rock bottom.”


So she had nothing to worry about. Live in the present, don’t worry about the future.


Sister Zhu was bewildered. Where had the person who used to be submissive and give her full control gone? How did Ye Zhi become so strong now?


Sister Zhu took a deep breath and said in a cruel voice, “You dared to talk with me about the terms now. If you want to terminate the contract, you must give me 10 million Yuan.”


“How do you know I can’t take out this ten million?” Ye Zhi asked.


“What?” Sister Zhu was stunned beyond words.
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