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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money to Prevent Disasters Chapter 29

T/N: Fleeting Cloud    E/D: Lie & Nyx

Sister Zhu picked up the ten million Yuan check with an unbelievable expression on her face, “How… how can you afford the penalty?”
She knew that Ye Zhi had no money. How could Ye Zhi suddenly take out this huge sum? Had she kept it hidden?
No matter what Sister Zhu thought, Ye Zhi had paid 10 million for liquidated damages. Furthermore, that mysterious man still held the secrets of the company.
Everything was doomed to happen.
Sister Zhu fell weakly on the couch and sat there.
Ye Zhi walked out of the company. There were dark green trees outside. Clear sound of cicadas could be heard and the fragrance of flowers was wafting in the air.
Everything was full of the heat and vitality of midsummer, so bright.
She had finally successfully terminated her contract. From today on, she didn’t need to do anything that she didn’t want to do. She didn’t need to be bound by meaningless things.
Besides, she didn’t need to pester someone anymore.
Ye Zhi smiled softly.

Ye Zhi thought of the Maybach that had just stopped downstairs of the company and the behind-the-scenes supporter mentioned by Sister Zhu.
Ye Zhi immediately thought of Gu Ren. Apart from Gu Ren, she couldn’t think of anyone who would help her in her current situation.
Ye Zhi didn’t go straight home but went to the shopping mall to buy some meat to make soup for Gu Ren. She wanted to express her gratitude.
As soon as she got home, Ye Zhi began to cook soup which lasted until the evening. The whole house was filled with strong aroma.
By this time, the sky became completely dark and the dark night sky was illuminated by neon lights. After pouring the soup into the thermos, she immediately left for the hospital.
Ye Zhi specially wore an inconspicuous dark T-shirt. Her hat was pressed low and the mask almost covered most of her face.
The paparazzi at the gate of the hospital had just left. They had been waiting for a few days but they didn’t get any hot news. They returned without success.
Ye Zhi got on the elevator and went to the floor where Gu Ren’s ward was located. When she pushed the door open, Gu Ren was leaning against the bed and looking down at the book in his hand.
Gu Ren was wearing a hospital gown but it was still pleasing to the eye. The room was only lit by a small lamp and everything in the room was immersed in the dim and warm light.
When Gu Ren heard the door opening, he looked up and his eyes fell on Ye Zhi. He closed the book with his slender fingers.
After Ye Zhi closed the door and her eyes fell on the wall clock, she found out that it was nine o’clock in the evening. Gu Ren had had dinner long ago.
Ye Zhi subconsciously hid the thermos cup in her hands behind her. She thought that Gu Ren didn’t notice it and immediately changed the topic.
“I want to thank you in person.” 
All the little movements of Ye Zhi were caught by Gu Ren’s eyes. Gu Ren raised his eyebrows and asked, “Thank me for what?”
Ye Zhi affirmed, “The phone call that Sister Zhu received today has something to do with you, right?”
Gu Ren did not deny. He simply nodded and admitted.
Ye Zhi, “Who were the ones in the Maybach?”
Gu Ren’s voice dropped, “They were Gu family’s lawyers. You should know that the Gu family has the best lawyers.”
Ye Zhi was stunned.
“If the company makes things difficult for you when you terminate the contract… then go through the legal process.” Gu Ren’s eyes flashed as he looked at Ye Zhi.
Ye Zhi didn’t expect that Gu Ren would help her so much. But she felt she owed Gu Ren more and more. “Thank you,” she said unconsciously.
Gu Ren gave a low laugh. His low-pitched laugh rippled into the air. It seemed to linger close to Ye Zhi’s ear.
Next second, Gu Ren opened his mouth, “Then how do you want to thank me?”
Ye Zhi did not respond, “What?”
Gu Ren raised his chin and his eyes fell on the thermos cup behind Ye Zhi, “Didn’t you bring a gift?”
Ye Zhi’s body stiffened and she took out the thermos cup slowly. How could Gu Ren not notice the series of actions she had just made just now?
Instead of handing it to Gu Ren, Ye Zhi explained, “You have eaten your dinner so you don’t need to drink it.”
Gu Ren retorted, “You want to take this gift back?”
Ye Zhi shook her head, “I’ll give you a better one next time.”
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