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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money to Prevent Disasters Chapter 3

T/N: Fleeting Cloud    E/D: Lie & Nyx

Ye Zhi had no chance to refuse so she had to sit in the car.
Ye Zhi sat inside the car with a bodyguard beside her. She wanted to sneak away, but this idea was not possible.
Giving up on the thought of struggling, Ye Zhi sat in the back seat of the car honestly and heard the sound from the radio station.
“Gu Ren’s new play is about to start shooting. Three months ago, he had a car accident in Hengdian. After recuperation, he is now in good condition.”
“In the past year, Gu Ren has met with several accidents and finally passed them safely. Many fans hope that this time, the shooting can go smoothly.”
Gu Ren?
Ye Zhi knew the name. In the book, he was the son of the richest man. He would inherit hundreds of billions of assets but he didn’t like doing business. So he entered the entertainment circle.
Gu Ren, the big shot in the entertainment industry, was a TV star, a movie star, and a popular singer. 
He was brilliant. He had won the Golden Statue Award five years ago. He had made more than a billion in a few years without relying on his family.
Ye Zhi tried her best to tie up the big-shot Gu Ren and finally got some success in the entertainment circle.
In the face of a girl who was trying to curry favor Gu Ren made no response but his fans couldn’t take it anymore. As long as they see Ye Zhi’s name, they would spare no effort to insult her.
Hearing that news of Gu Ren on the radio, Ye Zhi thought of the description of him in the book. Such a young, handsome and extremely rich bachelor had one serious weakness.
Calculating the time from now, he would die almost a year later.
Gu Ren was also the secret love interest of Sheng Man but he remained indifferent to her.
Ye Zhi’s train of thought was interrupted as the Rolls-Royce stopped. Someone opened the door for Ye Zhi and politely asked her to get off.
Ye Zhi got out of the car. In front of her was a large two-storey luxury villa and behind was a south-facing garden with green plants and waterscape design.
Entering the porch, the glass door opened and the first floor of the villa was revealed to her.
White marble floor, decorative wall on the left side of the living room, each feature showed the owner’s low-key taste.
“Mr. Gu is waiting for you on the second floor.” Ye Zhi followed the housekeeper upstairs.
After arriving at the second floor, Ye Zhi just glanced at the window casually and was stunned.
Standing on the second floor of the villa, she could see the Forbidden City in the distance.
To pick her up by a Rolls-Royce, the design of the villa and the location of the house were definitely not cheap.
‘What is the background of this Mr. Gu?’
At this time, Ye Zhi suddenly noticed an indifferent gaze. She raised her eyes and looked around. Her eyes inadvertently met a pair of dark eyes
The man was tall and slender, looking cold and quiet. The surrounding light was extremely bright but he seemed to be the focal point of everything.
Ye Zhi looked at the man quietly.
Extremely dark eyes, straight nose, clear jawline. The light showed his handsome features.
He was young, handsome and elegant.
At the first sight of the man, Ye Zhi immediately recognized him. She knew who that man was.
Gu Ren.
The Emperor Gu Ren, who she thought of just a moment ago, stood in front of her at this moment. Ye Zhi felt somewhat awkward.
Ye Zhi didn’t open her mouth. After a few seconds of quietness, Gu Ren passed over Ye Zhi and sat on the sofa. He slowly extended his hand and motioned for Ye Zhi to sit opposite him.
Ye Zhi stared at his long fingers for a few seconds and then moved to the edge of the sofa.
The end of the Gu Ren’s mouth curved upwards. He said in a cold and distant tone, “I’m sorry if I scared you.”
Gu Ren’s eyes slowly moved down and fell on Ye Zhi’s face “I’d like to ask you to help me.”
Ye Zhi was shocked. Do people like Gu Ren still need help from others? Ye Zhi buried the doubts in her heart.
Gu Ren opened the drawer on his side and took out a card. His thin and clean fingers pressed on the edge of the card and slowly pushed it towards Ye Zhi.
Just when Ye Zhi was getting confused, Gu Ren’s voice sounded: “This card has 10 million Yuan.”


“I want you to help me spend money to prevent disasters!”
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