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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money to Prevent Disasters Chapter 32

T/N: Fleeting Cloud    E/D: Lie & Nyx

Gu Ren answered this question carefully and seriously. Every word seemed to lift the veil of his ideal type.


Three sentences and three messages made people daydream.


Gu Ren not only answered what his ideal type was but also spoke in great detail. How could it not be shocking!


Every move of a superstar like Gu Ren would attract everyone’s attention.


The event was not over yet but this news spread outside like wildfire. All the major entertainment channels and various forum websites were publishing this news one after another. Everyone was discussing this matter intensely.


At the same time, the Weibo post with title <<Gu Ren’s ideal type>> directly became the number one searched topic and the search volume was still soaring at a very terrifying speed!


Countless people were discussing this matter and this hot search had exploded completely.


As a popular national idol, Gu Ren, who has been single for so many years, suddenly announced his ideal type which was not a trivial thing.


Don’t underestimate the fighting power of Gu Ren’s fans. Even if they didn’t eat or drink for several days, they could find the ideal type in Gu Ren’s mouth in the entertainment circle.


Fans first started from the most popular female star. However, one after another all were rejected. Even after searching the whole entertainment circle, they couldn’t find the corresponding female star.


For a while, there were a lot of public opinions on the internet which also proved Gu Ren’s high popularity and appeal.


“My husband is so handsome even when he announces his ideal type!”


“Even if you really have a girlfriend someday, I will bless you with tears. Boo…”


“Don’t panic everyone. Cheer up. We haven’t found any corresponding person yet!”


Today, Gu Ren announced his ideal type which broke the heart of many fans. If his relationship really came to light one day, all fans might stay up all night.


Because Gu Ren’s announcement was too abrupt, fans even wondered if their idol had begun to fall in love.


If Gu Ren had a girlfriend, she would have definitely visited Gu Ren when he had an accident. Fans expanded the search scope and finally found that only one female star satisfies this condition.


Soon after the post on Gu Ren’s love affair was issued, hundreds of conjectures flooded the post in just a few minutes.


[I have a bold guess about Gu Ren’s ideal type]


All netizens immediately clicked on it when they saw the title. Unexpectedly, the original poster guessed that Ye Zhi was the only female star who appeared in the hospital in the past few days.


In the past few days, the reporter did not take any picture of Ye Zhi so the original poster’s conjecture was only based on the picture in which Ye Zhi escorted Gu Ren to the hospital.


When this thread was posted, almost all the comments were against the original poster because they didn’t believe it.


“It’s time for the original poster to have a look at an ophthalmologist. Ye Zhi intentionally came to the hospital to scam, not as a girlfriend.”


“The reporter has been waiting outside the hospital for so long but didn’t take any pictures of Ye Zhi. How could it be Ye Zhi?”


“Anyway, it is confirmed that Gu Ren is not in love. Otherwise, his girlfriend would have come to the hospital to see him.”
All of the posts were refuting the original poster. No one thought that it would be true.


Whether Ye Zhi was Gu Ren’s ideal type had not been determined yet. This guess had been overruled because the netizens did not associate the two at all.
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