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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money to Prevent Disasters Chapter 33

T/N: Fleeting Cloud    E/D: Lie & Nyx

And the woman described by Gu Ren was not related to Ye Zhi at all. Netizens’ impression of Ye Zhi was still that of a person who scammed Gu Ren.


Ye Zhi’s activities were very few. Netizens had hardly seen her on TV and they didn’t know that she had changed completely recently. Although she had the original facial features, her temperament was more outstanding.


After all kinds of research, no female celebrity matched the description which also calmed the hearts of fans.


On the other end, Sheng Man was putting on makeup in the dressing room and her assistant was watching from the side. Her phone vibrated a few times, almost all of which were related to Gu Ren’s push notifications.


“Manman, Gu Ren announced his ideal type.”


Sister Huo, Sheng Man’s manager, was very famous in the circle. She had been working with Sheng Man for several years. She could see that Sheng Man had a good opinion of Gu Ren.


Sister Huo’s first reaction was that Gu Ren’s ideal type would be Sheng Man. Several thoughts immediately went around her head.


‘How to hype? How to make use of it?’


Just when Sister Huo was thinking about the plan, Sheng Man didn’t even put on makeup and turned to look at the assistant directly.


Even though Gu Ren kept a distance from Sheng Man, Sheng Man was still secretly in love with Gu Ren. In her opinion, only Gu Ren, the son of the richest man, could match her.


Sheng man asked with interest, “Read it to me.”


At the sight of Sheng Man’s curiosity, the assistant immediately began to read, “Her face is bright but sometimes it’s cold…”


“Her beliefs are very firm. When she decides what she should do, she will stick to it to the end without relying on anyone.”


Sheng Man’s smile froze just after she heard that. She thought she would hear words related to her but the more she heard them, the more wrong they were.


Gu Ren’s description didn’t match her at all.


Everyone knows that she became popular because of her family background and attracted a large number of fans by showing off the rich reality show. How could she be the ideal type in Gu Ren’s mouth that did not rely on anyone?


Sister Huo was also stunned like Sheng Man. The person mentioned by Gu Ren was not Sheng Man. According to Gu Ren’s temperament, he must not be lying.


Sister Huo subconsciously went to see Sheng Man’s reaction. Sheng Man first froze for a few seconds in shock and then flared up.


Sheng Man suddenly stood up from the seat, causing the makeup artist’s hand to shake. The lipstick slipped away from the corner of her lips. Sheng man glared at the makeup artist fiercely and then grabbed the assistant’s cell phone.


“Have you read well? How could Gu Ren say that!”


After Sheng Man watched Gu Ren’s video several times, she realized that Gu Ren was serious.


Sheng Man thought that the reason why Gu Ren was indifferent to her was because he didn’t care about any woman but the reality gave a hard slap on her face.


The reason why Gu Ren kept a distance from her was because Gu Ren was not interested in her.


Sheng Man was angry and had nowhere to vent. She threw the phone back into the assistant’s arms, “You don’t have to come to work tomorrow.”


Looking at Sheng Man’s long back, the assistant stood at a loss, not knowing when she provoked Sheng Man.


Meanwhile, Ye Zhi also saw Gu Ren’s video in the changing room of the cast. The makeup artist and the staff members gathered around and watched the video.


Gu Ren’s voice was as quiet and calm as ever but every word of his contained a little tenderness.


Gu Ren’s tone was not high or low. When he answered this question, the whole scene was silent and all listened to his answer attentively.


Ye Zhi was also listening from the side-lines. The more she heard about Gu Ren’s ideal type, the more inexplicably familiar she found it.


But the next second, Ye Zhi shook her head. She didn’t understand Gu Ren at all. How could she guess who his ideal type was? It had nothing to do with her anyway.
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