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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money to Prevent Disasters Chapter 34

T/N: Fleeting Cloud    E/D: Lie & Nyx

A few days later, the cast and crew of “Noble Clan” released a short trailer.


Because Gu Ren was injured before, the crew edited the previously shot part as soon as possible in order to maintain the heat.


Although Gu Ren’s injury had been healed, the crew had released the trailer.


“Noble Clan” had been very popular since it was filmed. The hero was Gu Ren and the heroine was Sheng Man. One was a top star while the other was a famous female celebrity. This line-up was very strong.


Therefore, the number of clicks on this short video had quickly exceeded one million just after it was released!


Everyone felt that the quality of this drama was top-notch. At the same time, a short dance segment in the video attracted everyone’s attention.


There was a scene in which a woman danced with a veil over her face. She raised her hand, revealing a slender white hand.


The camera zoomed in slowly, aiming at the hands.


Even in such a high-definition camera shot, it could be seen that the skin of these hands was excellent without any defect. The bones were beautiful and small like one of the most exquisite works of art.


Everyone wanted to know who the dancer was. The next second, the scene changed. The woman took off her veil, revealing Sheng Man’s face.


The mystery revealed that the woman with these hands was Sheng Man.


At a glance, it was stunning and unforgettable for a long time.


Netizens commented insanely. Apart from the praise of Gu Ren, the most talked about topic by everyone was undoubtedly the pair of amazing hands.


“Sheng Man’s hands are the best one among the female stars. I can reach heaven just by looking at them!”


“Are these hands real? Manman is a fairy. Her face is pretty and her hands are even more beautiful!”


“Please ask the crew to release more clips of Sheng Man’s dance. It’s too beautiful but too short. It’s not enough to watch at all.”


The netizens discussed intensely. The search volume and comment volume were on the rise. Soon, Sheng Man’s hands were ranked first in the Weibo topics.


But the discussion frenzy went far beyond this. Many people took the pictures of Sheng Man’s hands one after another. After posting the pictures on the Internet, the reprint volume is also amazing.


Sheng Man’s studio…


Sheng Man had just finished her advertisement. She was sitting there, drinking coffee.


At this time, the new assistant came in and was about to tell Sheng Man about the hot search. If Sheng Man knew it, she would be very happy and have a better attitude towards them.


She was her third assistant this year.


The assistant went to Sheng Man and said, “Manman, you’re in Hot Searches.”


Sheng Man moved. She picked up her mobile phone on the desk and clicked on Weibo.


Sheng Man looked for a while and finally noticed that something was wrong. Wait, the Hot Search had her name on it. This was right but why was the Hot Search topic was hands?


Sheng Man clicked on it and saw that it was a clip.


In the clip, a woman was dancing with a veil over her face. Her clothes slide down, revealing a pair of white hands. Finally, the camera zoomed on these hands.


Sheng Man’s face looked worse and worse. Others may not know but she clearly knew that the person dancing in the veil was not her at all.


That person was Ye Zhi. At this time, the person who was praised by the public for her hands was Ye Zhi.


It had nothing to do with her.


The coffee in her hand was very hot but Sheng Man couldn’t care less about it. She stared at her mobile phone with anger in her heart.


At the beginning, Sheng Man originally cooperated with the assistant director to intentionally let Ye Zhi perform a dance scene. Finally, the last scene of the clip would be edited as her.


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