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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money to Prevent Disasters Chapter 35

T/N: Fleeting Cloud    E/D: Lie & Nyx

She wanted to make it clear to Ye Zhi that she would be under her control all her life. But she had never thought that Ye Zhi would make it into Hot Searches because of her hands alone.


Even if these beautiful hands were hers in the eyes of others, she knew the truth.


Sheng Man went through the comments on Weibo which were all full of praises. Sheng Man’s hands trembled a little. The more others praised her, the more embarrassed and angry she felt.


Why was that person being praised? Why did things develop to this point?


Sheng Man raised her hand angrily and threw the coffee to the ground. The cup fell on the ground, making a crisp sound.


It was like sarcasm to her.


Sheng Man’s mood suddenly became worse. Even after the cup broke, the assistant didn’t know what was wrong. She didn’t want to be fired like the previous assistants so she squatted on the ground in silence and cleaned up the fragments.


Sheng Man’s anger couldn’t be suppressed at all. She thought of the comments on the Internet and felt angry. Ye Zhi was just a stand-in.


Ye Zhi did not show up at all but she could still get praises because of her hands.


Sheng Man also thought that she was the one who caused this situation. She shot herself in the foot.


Moreover Sheng Man was going to attend the Cartier Jewellery event tonight. She must stabilize her emotions before that. Otherwise, the sharp-eyed reporters would get the clue.


When Sheng Man walked on the red carpet, the anger on her face was nowhere to be found but a shallow smile replaced it.


The brightly lit magnesium light illuminated Sheng Man’s skin. Her long wavy hair was all draped to one side. Her crimson dress glittered with the light.


Sheng Man’s dress did not have too many complicated patterns as the focus of her outfit was on the set of Cartier Jewellery worn by her.


The set of jewelry that Sheng Man wore today was the latest design crafted by Cartier’s best designers and was vigorously promoted this year.


Sheng Man was not only the brand ambassador of Cartier Jewellery but also the top VIP of Cartier Jewellery. Every year, Sheng Man would spend a lot of money on it.


Because of this, some netizens even speculated that the reason why Sheng Man could become the brand ambassador of Cartier jewellery might be related to her movie.


However, such a statement was soon suppressed by Sheng Man’s agency.


When Sheng Man stood, all the cameras were aimed at her. When Sheng Man’s fans saw her, they became excited and chanted “Manman” affectionately.


“Sheng man, I heard that the bracelet you are wearing is the latest model of Cartier. Can you show it to us?”


Sheng man nodded with a smile. She raised her wrist gently and stopped at the side of her face. The bracelet on her wrist was originally from the same series as the earring so they complemented each other.


Constant sound of clicking rang at the scene and the lights flickered constantly. Reporters took photos of Sheng Man.


Another reporter began to ask, “Sheng Man, you entered  Hot Searches because of your hand. Is there any backstory about it?”


Sheng Man’s face stiffened when she heard this unexpected question but she reverted back to normal soon. Now that the reporter asked, she had to answer it.


Sheng Man originally came up with this method just to teach Ye Zhi a lesson. She just made a fool of herself.


But now that she thought about it, it wasn’t that bad. Anyway, no one would know that the real owner of those hands was Ye Zhi.


Sheng Man smiled and said, “I practiced for a long time in order to shoot that dance scene. I wanted to give the audience a perfect performance.”


“I didn’t expect to enter the Hot Searches. As long as you like it, it doesn’t matter whether I have to work hard.”


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