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I Help The Richest Man Spend Money to Prevent Disasters Chapter 36

T/N: Fleeting Cloud    E/D: Lie & Nyx
Sheng Man took all the credit for Ye Zhi as hers. The person who practiced hard became her, the person who filmed many times also became her, and the contribution of Ye Zhi was totally wiped out by her.


Sheng Man’s words were immediately posted on the Internet and the views of Sheng Man’s interview had been increasing.


Fans all saw Sheng Man’s efforts and especially took a picture of Sheng Man’s hand displaying the jewelry. The 360° pictures without dead angle were reproduced repeatedly.


Fans created countless posts with 360° pictures of Sheng Man’s hands, constantly boasting about their idols.


“Little sister is a real star. She thinks of fans when she does anything.”


“And Sheng Man’s hands are so beautiful as if they were born for that scene.”


“Who dares to say that our idol is only popular through the reality show? Manman is getting more and more popular because of her character and hard work.”


For the next few hours, the number of posts was still increasing and the fans were going all out to praise Sheng Man.


But soon, in the flood of praises, several voices of refutation gradually appeared. Some people even began to question that the owner of the hands in the dance scene was not Sheng Man.


Originally, as soon as skeptical comments appeared, they were immediately suppressed by Sheng Man’s fans. It made those netizens unable to speak.


Just when the fans thought that it was a prank of some netizens, the netizen who first raised the question directly threw out the evidence.


[Sheng Man lies. She substitutes one thing for another!]


When this netizen first mentioned that Sheng Man lied, he was scolded by the fans of Sheng Man for a long time. Now, after sorting out the evidence, he directly hit Sheng Man.


Sheng Man just attended the Cartier Jewellery event a few days ago. He showed the 360° picture of Sheng Man’s hands as evidence.


Sheng Man’s hands were indeed similar to those in the dance scene but there was a little red mole on the wrist in the dance scene video.


But Sheng Man didn’t have that.


When Ye Zhi was filming this scene, she knew that Sheng Man would take all the credits to herself so she intentionally showed the red mole on her hand in the camera.


If Sheng Man didn’t act badly and directly admitted that they weren’t her hands, there would be no problems. However as long as Sheng Man lied, someone would find something wrong.


What Sheng Man did was equivalent to digging a hole, not for Ye Zhi, but for herself.


The post compared Sheng Man’s hands with Ye Zhi’s hands in many aspects. Under the deliberate amplification and comparison, many people found the difference.


The fans originally wanted to refute saying that someone had tempered the video. However, netizens found the video of Sheng Man’s previous events and directly uploaded the picture. The fans had nothing more to say.


“Does Sheng Man think that fans are fools? To be able to lie so peacefully, she does not take fans seriously. “


“So the person who entered the Hot Searches before was Sheng Man’s substitute. She bragged on the basis of someone else’s achievement and is not ashamed.”


“She even took the credits of a stand-in. I am speechless.”


At the end of the discussion, all the netizens had the same doubts. Since those beautiful hands were not Sheng Man’s, whose hands were they?


Who was the woman who danced in place of Sheng Man and got into Hot Search with only her hands?
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