I Help The Richest Man Spend Money to Prevent Disasters Chapter 4


T/N: Fleeting Cloud E/D: Lie & Nyx
At first, Ye Zhi thought there was something wrong with her ears; however, when she saw Gu Ren’s face, she was at a loss.


It’s either a conspiracy or something was wrong with the person’s mind when he sent such a large amount of money to others for free.


Ye Zhi began to look at Gu Ren weirdly, who seemed to have nothing to do with the above two points.


Nothing like this happened in the book. Was it because of her appearance that some plots had started to change?


Unlike Ye Zhi’s panic, Gu Ren calmly placed the card on the table.


Gu Ren’s dark eyes fell on Ye Zhi and then he glanced at the card on the table, “If you used up the ten million, I will deposit more.”


Ye Zhi’s mind thought of various guesses. She finally came back to herself and said, “I refuse!”


“You are the son of the richest man and you are very famous too. Can’t you find someone else to do this?”


(T/N: Gu Ren’s father is the richest man so he is the richest son.)


Gu Ren opened his mouth, “A fortune teller foresaw that I am born short-lived. I have to marry a woman who was born on the cloudy day of the lunar year and she would help me to spend money to prevent disasters.”


Gu Ren’s voice paused for a moment: “Coincidentally, you happen to meet the requirements.”


“I don’t believe in all this but my elders in the family are superstitious. I just want to give them peace of mind.”


Ye Zhi, as a lucky woman who was suddenly hit by a huge fortune, wasn’t much surprised.


Ye Zhi said, “There are so many people who can be chosen. Is it only me who meets the requirements?”


Gu Ren slowly said, “Three people do have the same fate as you, but…”


“One of them is an old lady in her eighties, and another is a twelve-year-old male high school student. However, one of them is a woman in her twenties.”


Somehow, Ye Zhi felt some sympathy for Gu Ren and she couldn’t help but ask, “Isn’t that woman suitable for you?”


As soon as her voice fell, Ye Zhi felt Gu Ren’s eyes flashing and his face stiffened for half a second. She did not know if it was a hallucination.


Next second, Gu Ren regained his composure and replied, “She returned from abroad a few days ago and undergone a transsexual operation.”


(T/N: That girl was transgender who had just undergone transsexual operation.)


Ye Zhi was stunned and immediately understood Gu Ren. If Gu Ren married a transgender, it should be considered as breaking news in the entertainment circle.


Gu Ren arrived at the conclusion: “So only you meet the requirements alone and you will have to marry me.”


Gu Ren had a handsome face and a good temperament but who would think that one year later, he would really die. Only Ye Zhi knew this because she had read the book.


If she refused Gu Ren’s proposal at this time, she believed that Gu Ren would not embarrass her.


However, Gu Ren’s ending would be like the plot in the book: a star which fell at the brightest moment of his life.


If she agreed to Gu Ren’s request, would the outcome be different? She might be able to save his life.


Ye Zhi looked into Gu Ren’s eyes and nodded after hesitating for a moment: “Alright, I agree.”


Ye Zhi thought that it would be reasonable for her to spend all the money Gu Ren gave her.


At the very second Ye Zhi agreed to the promise, Gu Ren lifted his eyes and looked at her. His gaze fell straight on Ye Zhi and flickered slightly. There was a hint of doubt in his eyes.


It seemed that the Ye Zhi in front of him was not the same as what she used to be before. Her behaviour and tone of speaking had changed.


Gu Ren pondered for a moment: “I will sign a one-year contract with you. During this year, you will be my wife. You will help me spend money and in return, I will provide you with any assistance you want.”


Gu Ren’s words implied a deep meaning. He meant that Ye Zhi could still use him to propel her career in the future. He wouldn’t mind.

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